Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have been primarily designed for the exchange of ideas, socializing, and resource sharing of faculty and staff within particular communities - identity based, interest based, function based, etc. Most common ERGs focus on race, ethnicity, sexual identity, gender identiy, wellness, age, religion, family, education, campus roles, etc.

The goals of ERGs are:

  • To create spaces of understanding and support through common experiences.
  • To provide networking opportunities among faculty and staff from all levels.
  • To empower faculty and staff to create positive change on campus.
  • To advance and promote Inclusive Excellence among the Wentworth community.

Employee Resources Groups have their own unique missions and goals that specifically speak to the needs of its members. It is important for these groups to exist on campus to provide opportunities for conversations, dialogues and discussions that might not occur in the everyday work environment.

The following groups have gathered informally and formally at Wentworth:

  • Faculty and Staff of Color
  • LGBTQIA Faculty and Staff
  • Women
  • Faculty and Staff of Chinese Descent
  • Jewish/Jewish Adjacent Faculty and Staff
  • Current and Expecting Parents

The Center for Diversity and Social Justice Programs has partnered with the Office of Human Resources to advocate and provide logistic support for these groups to thrive in the Wentworth community.

We want to update contact information for those who want to get involved with the groups mentioned above. We also want to know if they are other groups that have been meeting at Wentworth that we are not aware of. Please take a minute to fill out this form.