Electrical and Computer Engineering Laboratories

Electronics Projects Laboratory (Dobbs 303A)

This laboratory provides students with an area to build and test their prototypes. Internet access is available as well as standard electronic bench equipment (oscilloscope, digital multimeter, function generator, and power supply). Workbenches and equipment are available for component assembly and packaging, soldering, and mechanical assembly.

Nanotechnology Laboratory (Dobbs Hall 006) 

The laboratory is used to supplement nanotechnology courses and supports undergraduate research through senior design offerings and special student projects as well teaching across engineering disciplines to promote cross-disciplinary teamwork at Wentworth. The laboratory encompasses a nanoparticle deposition system capable of generating nanoparticles of different sizes from different materials in a differential pressure vacuum system along with a Scanning Atomic Force Microscope and other test and characterization equipment. 

Electronics Laboratory (Dobbs Hall 202A/B)

The Electronics Laboratory is a core work area for all electrical and computer engineering students. Twenty laptops which are linked to its own set of test equipment (oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, power supplies and function generators), enable students to perform computer-aided tests, circuit analysis and simulation tasks as well as to solve data acquisition and process control problems. Each laptop is loaded with an array of current software packages and is connected for e-mail and Internet access.

​Casella Robotics Laboratory (Rubenstein Hall 101)

This laboratory has eight workstations that include eight laptops, oscilloscopes, power supplies, function generators and digital multimeters. This laboratory also houses two robotics arms, one translational and one rotational vibration modules which can be used as one or multi-degree freedom vibrational systems.

​Electromagnetics and Telecommunications Laboratory (Wentworth Hall 003)

This laboratory is intended primarily to meet the needs of the rapidly growing communication industry. The student work area is currently equipped with ten RF network analyzers, oscilloscopes, high frequency wave generators, and ten laptops. 

Power and Controls Laboratory (Wentworth Hall 007)

The Power and Controls Laboratory is a specialty lab dedicated to the study of various types of motors and generators as well as the analysis and design of analog and digital feedback control systems. Centered on four motor-generator sets, the student work area is supported by laptops, power supplies, function generators, digital oscilloscopes, and digital multimeters.

Cadence University Program Member

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology is a Cadence University Program Member.