Diversity Resources for Faculty and Staff

Interrupting Bias Related Behavior

As members of a community, each of us holds the responsibility to confront bias related incidents whether they occur in our classrooms, offices, residence halls, or throughout our campus. Interrupting an incident as it is happening can be difficult. Faculty and staff should contact Public Safety immediately should they witness a bias related incident. 

Student Outreach

The Associate Dean of Students, the Director and Assistant Director of the Center for Diversity and Social Justice Programs provide outreach to students from under-represented populations who may be experiencing personal, academic, or related difficulties.


The Associate Dean of Students and the Director of the Center for Diversity & Social Justice Program are available to meet with any faculty or staff member to discuss an area of concern, explore challenges or opportunities, or develop program ideas.

Diversity Trainings/Workshops

Diversity trainings and workshops can be presented upon request to cover a wide variety of diversity topics. The trainings are uniquely created to address the needs and concerns of the attendees.


Members of the Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs can assist students in finding community resources and organizations to aid and support them. Past referrals have included connecting students to various places of worship, community organizations, ethnic heritage groups, LGBTQIA+ advocacy groups, and more. If you know of students trying to find ways to connect to or support their identity, encourage them to stop by the Center in Beatty 031.

Annotated Bibliography

The Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs, in partnership with the Alumni Library, offers a variety of print materials related to diversity issues. These materials core topics such as teaching in the inclusive environment, fostering diversity in the engineering industries, privilege and power, conversations about race, and women in engineering, science and technology. Access the annotated bibliography here. The Center also has a wide range of books for faculty and staff to use at their leisure.

Additional Resources