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Reporting Bias Incidents

Bias related incidents may take a variety of forms, including words, signs, threats, graffiti, symbols, harassment, intimidation, or destruction of property. Even jokes can be received by an individual or group as a bias related incident. Bias related incidents may occur in online communities.

Bias related incidents are based upon an individual's real or perceived identity, including race, national origin, ethnicity, sex, religion, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

Bias related incidents affect each person differently. Some common reactions include anger, fear, sadness, suspicion, isolation, confusion, or loss of control.

Wentworth Institute of Technology takes incidents of bias seriously. Students who believe they may have been the target of a bias related incident have the right to report the incident to Wentworth. Students who believe they have witnessed a bias related incident are also encouraged to report. Students should contact Public Safety to report a bias related incident or graffiti.

The following staff members are available to discuss bias related incidents:

  • Annamaria Wenner, Dean of Students
  • Peter Fowler, Associate Dean of Students & Associate Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Jenn Kosses, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Alex Cabal, Director, Center for Diversity & Social Justice Programs

The Counseling Center is available to talk with students about a bias related incident. Counseling for students is confidential and free of charge.

Resident students may also report a bias related incident or graffiti to their Resident Director or Resident Assistant.