Gergely Sirokman, Ph.D.


gregory sirokman

Ph.D Inorganic Chemistry, MIT (2007)

B.S Chemistry, Brandeis University (2001)

Gergely (Greg) Sirokman, born in Szeged, Hungary, is an Associate Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Sciences. Professor Sirokman’s training is as a small molecule synthetic organometallic chemist. His current academic interests are two-fold. He has a great interest in the impending energy crisis humanity is facing, as fossil fuels dominate our energy landscape, and the development and deployment of renewable energy sources becomes more and more pressing. Professor Sirokman also has a great deal of interest in making education more engaging, and works closely with fellow faculty on the gamification of education.

 In collaboration with students, and fellow faculty and staff, Professor Sirokman conducts the operations of Wentworth’s biodiesel laboratory, housed in the Blaisdell Biodiesel Laboratory in Ira Allen. This laboratory is capable of producing 10 gallons of biodiesel per week when in full operation. Applied research projects in this lab include improving the work flow of a biodiesel system, waste reduction, quality control, and recovery of reusable chemical assets.

Professor Sirokman also has a keen interest in unifying academia and his personal interest. Being an avid gamer, has driven him to work on making learning more engaging by applying the principles of play to complex concepts, and delve into the field of gamification of education. This work has led to the foundation of a company which houses development and production of Sector Vector as well as several other games designed to educate at the college level. Development on these endeavors continues.

Professor Sirokman has also co-authored several books at the intersection of Chemistry and Environmental Engineering. He co-authored Chemistry for Environmental Engineering, and its companion volume Applied Chemistry for Environmental Engineering with fellow Wentworth Professor Armen Casparian (retired). Professor Sirokman also co-authored Environmental Engineering Dictionary of Technical Terms and Phrases with fellow Wentworth Professor Jerry Hopcroft (retired).

NSF MRI Grant: Acquisition of Atomic Absorption Spectrometer for EPIC Learning ($200,000)