ELEC4400 - Engineering Digital Signal Processing

This course presents the theory and practice of digital signal processing. Topics include review of discrete-time signals, systems and the Z-transform; sampling and quantization; Fourier transforms (DTFT, DFT and FFT) with applications to fast convolution; design techniques for FIR and IIR digital filters; realization structures for digital filters and finite precision effects; fundamentals of multirate signal processing and filter-banks; and DSP applications. Prerequisites: ELEC3600, Signals and Systems and MATH2300, Discrete Mathematics.

Course Objectives


  1. Perform Fourier transform of discrete-time signals to identify spectral coefficients.
  2. Determine the frequency response and the Z-transform of discrete-time systems.
  3. Use the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to generate discrete-time coefficients.
  4. Implement algorithm for efficient computation of DFT.
  5. Design and implement FIR and IIR digital filters to meet arbitrary specifications using DSP hardware and software.

Updated Fall 2017


Student Outcomes

(7) An ability to acquire and apply new knowledge as needed, using appropriate learning strategies.


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