Minor in Computer Science

The Minor in Computer Science provides students with the fundamentals of computer programming. Students will become proficient with at least two different programming languages and possibly more depending on which electives are chosen.

To earn the Minor in Computer Science, students must complete the courses (20 total credits) as outlined below. All courses are 4 credits.

1 Basic Programming Sequence - 2 Courses – Select ONE Sequence – 8 credits

  • COMP128 Computer Science I, COMP285 Object Oriented Programming
  • COMP120 Computer Sci. I with C, COMP285 Object Oriented Programming
  • COMP128 Computer Science I, COMP201 Computer Science II*

1 Data Structures Course – 4 credits

  • COMP310 Data Structures

2 Advanced Elective Courses – Select TWO – 8 credits

  • COMP278 Computer Architecture
  • COMP355 Database Management Systems
  • COMP362 Operating Systems (Note: requires COMP278)
  • COMP406 Special Topics
  • COMP414 Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • COMP415 Cryptography and Network Security
  • COMP438 Assembly Language
  • COMP460 Introduction to Game Programming
  • COMP501 Introduction to Programming Languages
  • COMP543 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • COMP553 World-Wide-Web Application Development
  • COMP566 Software Design and Development
  • COMP570 Database Applications (Note: requires COMP355)
  • COMP601 Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • COMP602 Bioinformatics Algorithms
  • COMP603 Compiler Design
  • COMP611 Introduction to Biostatistics
  • COMP613 Computer Graphics
  • COMP685 Seminar in Computer Science

* This sequence also requires a proven knowledge of Java as approved by the Computer Science department head. This could consist of a 3 or higher on the A.P. Exam in Computer Science.