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Curriculum Committee FAQs

Are the course change proposal forms and the new course proposal forms the same?
Both the New Curriculum Proposal and the Curriculum Change Proposal forms are available under the Forms tab on this site.
Whose signatures do I need to get before I submit a proposal to my college curriculum committee?
After gaining approval from your Departmental Curriculum Committee, be sure to obtain all necessary signatures before submission to ICC. (See the Procedures tab on this site.)
When should a "New Course" proposal be submitted? An old course will need to generate a new course (with a different number) when one or more of the following conditions occur:
  • Catalog description changes
  • Learning outcomes change
  • Number of credits change
  • Lab or lecture component is added or deleted
  • Prerequisite/Corequisite changes
  • Course requires renumbering
  • Course previously taught¬†with a Special Topics number
If the course submission meets any of these conditions, please select "New Course" on the course proposal.
If the course submission does not meet these conditions, and it not a new course, please select "Revised Course" on the course proposal.
How do I find my college representative for the Institute Curriculum Committee? Under the Contacts tab on this site.
What is the role of the Institute Curriculum Committee? The Wentworth Institute of Technology Curriculum Committee's mission is to provide guidance and counsel and to make recommendations to the Provost's office on all proposals of programs, curricula, and individual courses. Refer to the Mission and Philosophy under the Home tab.
How far in advance of offering a course should I submit the proposal? See the schedule under the Calendar tab.
What is the timeline for approving a new curriculum or course proposal? See the schedule under the Calendar tab.