April 15, 2020: Funding for Students via the Federal CARES Act

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:


As we progress through this public health crisis, Wentworth is committed to ensuring that students continue to make academic progress toward timely degree completion and continue to receive important services. I am thankful for the dedicated efforts by our faculty and staff, who are committed to delivering the highest quality education and to assisting students during these uniquely challenging times.


I understand that all students and their families are being impacted in some way by the pandemic. At Wentworth, we will support our students and families whenever and however it is possible. I write to share with you news about financial assistance we are now able to provide for students registered for the Summer 2020 semester, as a result of information we recently received regarding the Federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act.


The Federal CARES Act provides funding to colleges and universities that partially offsets the financial impact brought on by the pandemic. We now have a clearer picture of what Wentworth will receive and how those funds can be utilized.


To assist students and families, we have decided to distribute the entirety of funds earmarked for student support under the CARES Act to students registered for Summer 2020 courses. The amount each student will receive will be based on the number of academic credits taken by a student this summer. The funds received will be divided by the total number of credits that students are registered for this summer. This amount will be approximately $60.00 per academic credit. A financial adjustment, equal to approximately $60.00 multiplied by the number of academic credits a student is registered for in Summer 2020, will appear on each students’ account after the add/drop date of May 11, 2020 for CPCE students and May 13, 2020 for day undergraduate students.


I want to again wish you and your families good health. While we are all being impacted by changes to our lives, I am particularly empathetic toward our senior students. I am sorry that the pandemic has disrupted your final year. This is not the end to your college experience that you had anticipated or hoped for. I look forward to the day that we can greet each other again!  


Respectfully Yours,


Mark A. Thompson, Ph.D.