Adjusted Grade Policy for Spring 2020 Semester

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

We are writing to share a change in grading policy in response to the impact on students resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic. We understand that the move to remote learning necessitated by the pandemic may cause concern among students about continued academic success. To reduce any concern, we are offering the following grading options for students for the Spring 2020 semester.

The University has decided to provide all undergraduate students with the option of selecting a Pass(P)/No Credit (NC) grade option for any or all spring courses. A grade of NC will not be calculated in the GPA, and NC grades for required courses must be repeated.

For students who choose to receive standard letter grades for any or all of their spring courses, there will be no final grades of ‘F’ assigned. Spring 2020 standard letter grades will range ‘A’ through ‘D’ only, and ‘F’ will be replaced with an NC grade.

Also, the ‘W’ or withdrawal period has been extended to April 10, 2020, providing students an additional two weeks to withdraw from a course/s and receive a ‘W’ grade.

The deadline to select the P/NC grade option is also April 10, 2020. Students should make their decision carefully before submitting their choices for Spring 2020 grades as the decision is final and cannot be changed. Students who do not select the Pass/No Credit Option will receive the standard letter grade. If students have questions or need further guidance, they should reach out to their advisors or faculty.

Details on how to submit your grading choices for Spring 2020 will be sent from the Registrar’s Office in a separate e-mail in the next few days.

We hope this temporary and flexible grading system is helpful to students during these unprecedented times. We know it has been stressful time for everyone. We appreciate the resilience of our students, families, faculty and staff in rising to the occasion.

Respectfully Yours,

Mark A. Thompson, Ph.D., President
Richard S. Hansen, Ph.D., Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs