Leopard Work and Work Study

Student Employment Information

New Hires

Once a student begins working they must be paid according to the payroll schedule. Although a student has selected a job and completed the necessary paperwork, they CANNOT begin working until their supervisor has been notified by payroll that the student's paperwork has been processed and they are officially in the payroll database. Under no circumstances should you let a student begin working without prior authorization from the payroll office.

Pay Rates

Each job on campus has already been assigned a pay rate and these rates may not be changed. Any questions about rates should be directed to Student Financial Services, Financial Aid.


For each pay period you will need to submit a completed and signed timesheet for each of your student employees.  You will also need to email an excel summary sheet to the payroll office.  Please keep in mind that by signing each timesheet you are taking full responsibility for its accuracy. Before signing off on a timesheet you should check the following items:

  • Is the timesheet completed in ink?
  • Are the name, job, and hours legible?
  • Did the student sign the timesheet?
  • Are the hours worked accurate?
  • Did the student work 16 hours or less?
  • Is the correct timesheet used? (Federal Work Study vs. Student Employment)

Keep in mind that all student employment timesheets submitted come out of your department's budget. It is critical that the proper timesheet has been completed. Once you have checked these items, you approve the timesheet by signing and dating the bottom.

NOTE:  Summary spreadsheets and completed timesheets are due in the Payroll Office no later than 10am on Monday of the current pay week.  Timesheets MUST be delivered in person by a full time WIT employee.  Please DO NOT send timesheets via interoffice mail as this may delay processing.  In addition, for work study students, you must ensure that they have available work hours remaining on their award before allowing them to work each pay period.  If they do not have any remaining hours and you continue to let them work, the Controller's Office will post their wages against your student employment budget.


All paychecks will be ready for pick up by the home department on Thursdays at 10am. Any checks not picked up by 2pm will be mailed to the student's address on file.

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