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Program Description

Our Undergraduate Certificate in Managing Construction Projects is designed for individuals who are interested in transitioning into a management-focused position in the construction industry. Students in this program build core competencies in: construction graphics, management theory, estimating, scheduling, control, contracts and codes. This program is conveniently formatted for adult learners, with 7-week courses that allow you to quickly gain career-enhancing skills. The program is offered at the main Boston campus and in Taunton.

A certificate in managing construction projects will be awarded upon successful completion of the required five (5) courses.

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  • Program Objectives

    Earning a certificate in construction management from Wentworth enables you to:

    • Be eligible for 20 credits towards our Bachelor of Science in Construction Management.
    • Build core competencies in management theory, estimating, scheduling, control, contracts, and codes.
    • Gain valuable leadership skills to advance your construction career.
    • Prepare for project management and related positions in private, non-profit and government sectors.
  • Admissions Requirements

    Applicants to the construction management certificate must have a full understanding of plan reading, a minimum of three years’ work experience and submit the following: 

    • Online application
    • Current resume
    • Official high school or GED transcript
    • Official previous college transcripts (if any)
    • $50 application fee
  • Tuition

    • $475/credit hour
  • Start Terms

    • Spring 
    • Fall
  • Program Curriculum

    • BLDG1015 Construction Graphics: The development and interpretation of civil, architectural, structural, and electrical drawings; freehand sketching of construction details and sections; computer-aided construction drafting. Four (4) credits.

    • BLDG1500 Construction Estimating: The fundamentals of construction estimating are covered. Quantity surveys are made for various building components and prices determined for labor and materials, using a current pricing handbook. Standard estimators' forms are prepared. Computer techniques and applications are also examined. Prerequisites: BLDG1015 Construction Graphics. Four (4) credits.

    • BLDG3200 Construction Project Scheduling: Topic items include project network planning, scheduling, and  cost control models. Computer applications to PERT and CPM will be explored and used by the student. Prerequisites: BLDG1500 Construction Estimating. Four (4) credits. 

    • BLDG3450 Construction Project Control and Cost Analysis: This course introduces students to modern techniques for analyzing costs for both vertical and horizontal construction. Costs are compared to baselines established for project control. Students analyze the variety of factors and different methods that affect construction costs. Primary class emphasis is on the cost analysis process available to project managers. Prerequisite: BLDG3200 Construction Project Scheduling. Four (4) credits. 

    • BLDG3600 Construction Management Theory: Construction project management from conception to completion is covered. The course covers feasibility studies, site selection, planning, programming, design coordination, and contracting procedures of actual construction. Emphasis is placed on contractor operations, project administration, job planning, and subcontract coordination. Four (4) credits.


  • Gainful Employment Disclosure

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