Best Practices for Online Learners

Here are some tips to help you to succeed in an online learning environment.  Certainly, if you have any additional questions or concerns about online learning please give us a call at 617-989-4300 or send us an email at

  • For a full online three credit course, commit an average of 10 to 12 hours per week.
  • Log in to your course on a daily basis.
  • Determine at the beginning of the semester if your online course has any specific technical requirements.
  • Block off specific time periods to study and complete assignments.
  • Be proactive and plan ahead as much as possible---map out key assignments and due dates as far in advance as possible.
  • Make sure you have a private space that you can regularly access to study.
  • Be an active participant in the online learning process.
  • It's important to be respectful to both your peers and your instructor.
  • Be proactive in reaching out to your instructor, particularly if you feel you are falling behind in the course.
  • Get to know your fellow students! The online learning environment provides ample opportunity for peer to peer discussion.
  • Wentworth's adult students bring a wide variety of experiences to the classroom.  Understand that you will be able to learn a great deal from your peers as well as from your instructor.
  • You are going to learn a lot in our online courses.  Take what you learn and apply it to your professional and personal life!