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Program Description

The manufacturing industry is dependent on workers who are skilled in machine operation. Wentworth's Machine Tooling courses are designed for people interested in beginning, or advancing, their career in the manufacturing industry by gaining valuable skills in machine shop practice.

To complete this program, you will take four courses one at a time and in sequence. Each course lasts 15 weeks and meets twice per week. 

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  • Program Objectives

    The machine tooling program at Wentworth will allow you to:

    • Become adept in the setup and operation of machines for a wide range of manufacturing purposes
    • Gain an in-depth understanding of present-day machining practices and processes, including G-code programming and computer-aided design and manufacturing
    • Build crucial skills to successfully enter into or advance in the field
  • Admissions Requirements & Process

    Applicants must submit the following items(s) to apply:


    • $1,600 per course 
  • Start Terms

    • Spring 2020
    • Summer 2020
    • Fall 2020
  • Program Curriculum

    The following courses are designed to be taken one at a time and in sequence.

    • Machine Tool Setup and Operation 1: This course is an introduction to basic and advanced setup and operation of engine lathes as well as vertical milling machines. Topics include the selection of cutting speeds, feed rates, cutting fluids and tool geometry. Quality-control procedures and blueprint reading will be covered, as well as computer numerical control (CNC) of machine tools.
    • Machine Tool Setup and Operation 2: This course covers current industry machining practices. Topics include production, rapid prototype and tool and die machining.
    • Machine Tool Setup and Operation 3: This course is a continuation of Machine Tool Setup and Operation 2. More time is allocated to machining tool and die type projects. Advanced manual machine tool setup involving milling and turning will be covered, and a strong focus on CNC machine tool setup will be reviewed.
    • Machine Tool Setup and Operation 4: This course provides an advanced understanding of CNC in the present-day manufacturing processes. Students will be introduced to CNC applications through lectures, demonstrations and practical applications. Topics include machine tools, advanced G-code programming, speeds, feeds, cutting tools and CAD/CAM systems.
    • Machine Tool Setup and Operation 5 (Elective): This course is designed to provide an advanced training in CNC. Through lectures, demonstrations, and practical applications the student will be introduced to CNC applications. Topics will include machine tools, advanced G code programming, speeds, feeds, cutting tools, and CAD/CAM systems. Prerequisites: Machine Tool Setup and Operation 4.