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Program Description

On the cutting edge of information technology and business management.

Now, more than ever, employers are looking for skilled problem-solvers who can make the most of the leading innovations in information technology to implement strategic business solutions.

Wentworth’s Technology Management master’s degree will teach you how to improve business performance through the implementation and optimization of the latest IT trends and strategies. Designed for professionals from a range of industries--including finance, healthcare, and technology—the Technology Management, Master of Science, combines instruction in strategic thinking, ethics, and business analytics as well as timely topics like technology management in an emergency.  Students in the program gain valuable, hands-on experience planning, designing and managing an organization's technology and software. The Technology Management master’s degree is available 100% online and can be completed in less than 20 months!

For over 100 years, Wentworth Institute of Technology has been preparing students to meet today’s technology needs. Our world-class faculty provides practical, experiential learning to help you make the most of your skills and knowledge and advance your career.  For more information, contact a graduate admissions counselor Speak to a Counselor.

Benefits of the program include:

  • A fully online class format that allows you to balance work, life and school
  • A flexible, part-time program that can be completed in 20 months
  • Classes taught by knowledgeable faculty and industry experts

What to expect:

  • 10 classes
  • 5 semesters
  • 30 credits


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  • Program Objectives

    • Understanding of strategic technology management, finance and accounting, and leadership
    • Familiarity with advanced business management theories and practices
    • Ability to create real world applications and integrate planning, design, optimization and operation of an organization’s software and technology.


  • Admissions Requirements & Tuition

    Applicants to the Technology Management, Master of Science program must have a BA or BS degree from an accredited college or university. Candidates should have one year of verifiable full-time work experience in a technical role and/or technical organization. Familiarity with accounting and finance is a plus but not required. Other admissions requirements include:

    • Online application
    • Current resume
    • Official college transcript(s)
    • One professional letter of recommendation
    • Statement of purpose
    • Application deadline: August 1, 2020


    • $1,135 per credit hour
  • Start Terms

    • Fall 2020
  • Course Descriptions

    • Business Relations & HR Management – Understanding human resources from an enterprise or project portfolio level – including negotiating in different cultures – and how to manage a diverse workforce where managers and employees may be in different countries.
    • Project Management Applications – Students master project management tools and techniques to manage a technology project from concept to completion, including how to develop requirements, monitor progress, make adjustments and meet project goals.
    • Business Finance & Investments – This course is designed to develop the financial skills and thought processes necessary to understand and implement financial policy decisions in a global economy and addresses the impact of legal social, technological and ethical considerations related to the practice of corporate finance. The course stresses effect written and oral communication skills necessary for the design and implementation of financial decisions.
    • Business Operations & Process Management – Focuses on effective planning, scheduling, use, and control of resources; includes examination of design engineering, industrial engineering management information systems, quality management, production management, inventory management, accounting and other functions.
    • Strategic Technology Business Management – Managing technology for strategic value. Topics include developing business strategy, gaining competitive advantage, R&D allocations, product and process development, strategic partnerships and innovation.
    • Communication Strategies – Focuses on using oral and written communication skills to advance ideas, agendas and careers in an organization. Students will write executive summaries, full reports and develop presentations to best communicate their ideas.
    • Leadership – Focuses on how leaders influence organizational performance and manage change. Topics include how to set direction, creating a culture resilient to change, the use of power and influence and leading within in a dynamic environment.
    • Management of New Product Development – Engaging in the entire spectrum of the commercialization process, from ideation, invention and development, through feasibility analysis to business plan development.
    • Marketing Management – Topics include marketing strategy, the fundamentals of the sales and marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion), tools for gathering business intelligence and the key role of technology to marketing in a technical environment.
    • Capstone – The program culminates with a capstone course in which students are required to demonstrate their ability to integrate skills and knowledge gained through the program. Where possible, projects will be developed in collaboration with industry partners.

Program Curriculum


    Fall Semester (total credits 6)

    • MGMT7100, Project Management Applications
    • MGMT7000. Business Relations & HR Management

    Spring Semester (total credits 6)

    • MGMT7050, Business Finance and Investments
    • MGMT7450, Communication Strategies

    Summer Semester (total credits 6)

    • MGMT7150, Business Operations and Process Management
    • TMGT8000 Strategic Technology Business Management

    Fall Semester (total credits 6)

    • MGMT7200, Leadership
    • TNGT8100, Management of New Product Development

    Spring Semester (total credits 3)

    • MGMT7350, Marketing Management
    • TMGT8500, Capstone

Program Tracking Sheet

Student Learning Outcomes

All Wentworth Master of Science in Technology Management graduates will:

  • Understand the theory and application of advanced business management theories.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of strategic technology management.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of finance and accounting.
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities.
  • Understand the critical success factors for leading teams and related organizational development issues.
  • Understand the relevance of the increasingly international business environment.
  • Demonstrate executive level decision-making and critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to deal with complex business challenges, and utilize best practices to arrive at solution sets required of mid and senior level technology managers.

Average starting salary in 2016

Technology Management graduates had a $88,500 average starting salary in 2016.