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Master of Science in Applied Computer Science

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Program Description

Wentworth’s Master of Science in Applied Computer Science (MSCS) degree program is designed to educate professionals in the application of technical computing and management skills required to plan, design, implement, deploy and operate computer-based solutions within an organization.

You can complete this fully online program in under two years. During that time, you’ll enjoy access to all Wentworth resources and support services, including the library, academic advising, career counseling and technical support.

Learn more about our Department of Computer Science and Networking.

  • Program Objectives

    • Learn to model, analyze and design computing processes and systems
    • Understand how to lead and manage teams, projects and complex IT initiatives
    • Gain practical experience collaborating with others in modeling, designing and implementing computer-based systems
    • Master a range of leading-edge techniques and technologies
    • Communicate effectively with stakeholders in a software-development environment
    • Gain insights into current and emerging issues in the IT field, such as big data, computer security and mobile app development
  • Admissions Requirements and Tuition

    Applicants to the MSACS program must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in computer science, computer networking, computer information systems, computer engineering, information technology or software engineering. Other admissions requirements include:

    • Official transcripts
    • Online application
    • Statement of purpose
    • One professional letter of recommendation
    • Resume

    In addition, candidates should be able to demonstrate competencies in three areas:

    • Programming
    • Fundamentals of computer science (including computer organization, operating systems, databases and data communications)
    • Statistics


    • $1,135 per credit hour



  • Start Terms

    • Fall 2018
  • Program Learning Outcomes

    Wentworth Master of Science in Applied Computer Science graduates will:

    1. Demonstrate and function effectively in a team, engage in the process of modeling, designing, and implementing computer-based systems of varied complexity utilizing multiple technologies.

    2. Maintain effective communication with stakeholders in a typical software development environment by:

    • preparing and delivering effective technical presentations using appropriate technologies.
    • writing clear and accurate technical documents. 

    3. Learn new models, techniques, and technologies as they emerge, and appreciate the necessity for continuing professional development.

    4. Demonstrate an ability to model, analyze and design computing processes and systems.

    5. Analyze a current significant software technology, articulate its strengths and weaknesses, and specify and promote improvements or extensions to that technology.

    6. Recognize and analyze social and professional issues and responsibilities faced by computing professionals.

Program Curriculum


    Semester One

    COMP7000 Fundamentals of Computer Science (required)

    COMP7050 Programming Paradigms and Systems (required)

    Semester Two

    COMP7100 Managing Software Development

    COMP7150 Data and Web Services

    Semester Three

    COMP7200 Mobile Application Development

    COMP7250 Enterprise Computing


    Semester One

    COMP7300 Computer Security

    MGMT/TMGT Management Elective

    Semester Two

    COMP Computing Elective

    COMP7500 MSACS Capstone

    MSACS Management Electives

    • MGMT7100 Project Management Applications
    • MGMT7200 Leadership
    • TMGT8000 Strategic Technology Business Management
    • TMGT8100 Management of New Product Development

    MSACS Computing Electives

    • COMP7400 Big Data
    • COMP7425 Data Mining
    • COMP7450 Software Engineering

    Degree Total: 30 credits

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