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Program Description

The Bachelor of Science in Building Construction Management (BBCM) provides well-rounded instruction in the core principles of construction management. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Wentworth awards the most bachelor’s degrees in construction management in the United States.

The program offers a number of important benefits, including:

  • Courses that are taught by instructors with firsthand experience in the construction industry.

  • The ability to transfer up to 80 credits into the program from prior educational and professional experiences. Depending on the number of credits transferred, you can complete the degree in as little as three years on a part-time basis.

  • Access to all of Wentworth’s resources and support services, including the library, academic advising, career counseling and technical support.

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  • Program Objectives

    Once you have earned your BBCM at Wentworth, you will:

    • Be prepared for management-level positions in construction and building design firms, as well as for graduate-level coursework, including in Wentworth’s Master of Science in Construction Management program.
    • Have the necessary skills to carry out a construction project from conception to completion, which includes maximizing human resource potential and monitoring and controlling, time, cost and quality.     
    • Be ready to pursue such positions as construction manager, project manager, field engineer, estimator, scheduler and superintendent.
    • Boost your earning potential. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, construction managers’ median annual salary in Massachusetts was approximately $101,250 in 2012; nationally, the occupation is projected to grow at a faster-than-average rate of 16% through 2020.
  • Admissions Requirements and Tuition

    Applying to the program is easy. See below for a list of documents you will need to complete your application. Not sure what a document is? Contact an Admissions Counselor and they will help you complete the application.

    • Online application
    • Current resume
    • Official high school or GED transcript (not required for applicants with an Associate's Degree or higher)
    • Official previous college transcripts
    • Online math placement exam (if necessary)


    • $475 per credit hour
  • Start Terms

    • Spring  (online and on campus)
    • Summer  (on campus only)
    • Fall  (on campus only)
  • Program Curriculum

    This 128-credit program includes the following required courses, plus six electives.

    • Construction Graphics

    • Contracts and Codes

    • Construction Methods 

    • Construction Estimating

    • Horizontal Construction

    • Structural Design

    • Basic Building Services

    • Testing Materials

    • Construction Operations

    • Construction Project Scheduling

    • Construction Project Control and Cost Analysis

    • Finance the Construction Project

    • Construction Management Theory

    • Construction Safety and Risk Management

    • Intro to Art and Architecture

    • Construction Surveying

    • Senior Project

Program Curriculum


    Semester one

    • BLDG1100: Construction Methods (4)
    • MATH1005: College Math A (3)

    Semester two

    • BLDG1050: Contracts & Codes (4)
    • MATH1035: College Math B (3)

    Semester three

    • BLDG1015: Construction Graphics (4)
    • MATH1065: College Math C (3)

    Semester one

    • BLDG1900: Basic Building Services (4)
    • ENGL1050: English Composition (3)

    Semester two

    • BLDG200: Construction Estimating (4)
    • PHYS1005: Physics A  (3)

    Semester three

    • BLDG3200: Construction Project Scheduling (4) 
    • BLDG4250: Construction Safety & Risk Management (3)

    Semester one

    • BLDG2000: Structural Design I (4)
    • BLDG445: Construction Project Control & Cost Analysis (4)

    Semester two

    • ENGL2050: Literature & Composition (3)
    • ECON1102: Economics (3)

    Semester three

    • MGMT3050: Leadership & Management (4)
    • ELECTIVE: Humanities/ Lower Level Social Science (3)

    Semester one

    • BLDG3600: Construction Management Theory (4)
    • ELECTIVE: Upper Level Humanities (3)

    Semester two

    • MGMT418: Management Law (4)
    • ELECTIVE: Lab Science/Physics B  (3)

    Semester three

    • BLDG420: Construction Operations (4)
    • SURV1000: Construction Surveying  (4)

    Semester one

    • MGMT2700: Financial Accounting  (3)
    • ELECTIVE: Upper Level Social Science (3)

    Semester two

    • ELECTIVE: General Elective (4)
    • BLDG1600: Horizontal Construction (2)
    • BLDG2600: Testing of Materials  (2)

    Semester three

    • ELECTIVE: General Elective  (4)
    • ELECTIVE: General Education Elective (3)

    Semester one

    • BLDG4250: Financing the Construction Project (4)
    • ELECTIVE: Upper Level Social Science (3)

    Semester two

    • ELECTIVE: General Elective (4)
    • ELECTIVE: General Education Elective (3)

    Semester three

    • BLDG5500: Senior Project  (4)
    • ELECTIVE: General Elective (4)

Building & Construction Management at Work

Earnings in 2016

$67,500 average per year

Top 3 Job Titles for Building Construction Managers:

  • Estimator
  • Project Manager
  • Assistant Project Manager