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Program Description

The demand for trained fire protection specialists is on the rise.  Introduction to Building Fire Safety is a 7-week program that lays the foundation for a career in fire protection for the built environment. Drawing on criteria outlined in the International Building Codes, the course teaches the basics of fire dynamics, as well as egress and life safety.   Improve your knowledge and understanding of building codes, design standards, fire characteristics, and fire dynamics as well as current fire protection applications. Students who complete Introduction to Building Fire Safety will receive 3 CEUs and may be able to enroll in additional courses toward a Certificate in Fire Protection Technology from Wentworth.



  • Program Objectives

    Students who complete the Introduction to Building Fire Safety will be able to:

    • Understand the fundamentals of fire dynamics including combustion, flame spread, flashover and smoke movement
    • Apply basic principles of chemistry, physics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, combustion, and material science
    • Identify critical issues in the design of buildings and other structures
    • Recognize conventional prescriptive and performance-based egress models and life-safety design features
  • Admissions Requirements & Tuition

    Students interested in enrolling in the Introduction to Building Fire Safety must fill out the online application:


    • $750 per course 
  • Start Terms

    • Fall
  • Program Outcomes

     Students who complete this course pursue careers as:

    • Fire Alarm System Installers
    • Fire Alarm System Technicians
    • Field Service Technicians
    • Field Service Engineers

    As well as in:

    • Commercial and industrial safety
    • Building construction
    • Inspection and public safety

    Salary Range: $29,500-$72,450, from entry-level installers to experienced engineers


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