Meet the Team

Who Are We:

The online team is a team of professionals, passionate to make a difference in online learning. This team provides support and guidance to faculty and students to succeed in every aspect of online teaching and learning.


Transforming the digital learning space through strategic partnerships with the Wentworth community to cultivate a diverse educational experience  


We partner with Wentworth’s faculty, students, and staff to enhance the curriculum by developing and delivering flexible and innovative online learning experiences. We provide expertise, support, and training in developing online courses, programs, and digital initiatives supported by best practices that foster student success. 


Here are some of the services that we provide:

  • Faculty and Student Orientation
  • Online Course Design and Development
  • Course Reviews and Faculty Consultations
  • Course Preparation and Readiness Support
  • Ongoing Online Course Support and Resources
  • Online Learning Best Practices
  • Host events… and much more! 

The Online Team is here to guide you through helpful steps to get your course ready for the upcoming term, including the syllabus, reviewing the course content, weekly assignments, course site support, scheduling a consultation, and so much more!

In this video, faculty and students share their experiences working with the Online Team.