Portfolio: Get Credit for On-The-Job-Learning

Students enrolled in the College of Professional and Continuing Education (CPCE) can earn up to 45 credits towards a Bachelor’s degree or 27 credits towards an Associate’s degree for learning experiences that took place outside of the classroom. 

To earn academic credits for prior learning experiences, you must first be accepted into one of CPCE’s degree programs.  Then, you must enroll in CPCE’s Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) prep course within your first two semesters of study.  This course will help you to identify learning experiences, evaluate their potential academic value and develop a portfolio which will document your knowledge and experience. Throughout the course, the PLA instructor will work closely with you to make sure that all portfolio guidelines are met and that credits are accurately documented.

Upon completion of the course, you must submit your portfolio in order to receive any applicable Prior Learning Assessment credits. The PLA prep course will be graded on a pass/fail basis and will count as 3 General Elective credits toward your degree.

Please note, there is a fee of $100 per credit evaluated that is due upon completion of the course. This fee is not covered by Financial Aid.

For more information, please contact CPCE at: cpce@wit.edu or 617-989-4300