Math Placement Exam

The College of Professional and Continuing Education requires all incoming Wentworth students to complete this exam to ensure they are placed at the appropriate level of mathematics.  It consists of three sections that correspond to our required series of courses:

  • Math 225 - College Mathematics A
  • Math 230 - College Mathematics B
  • Math 235 - College Mathematics C

Depending on how students perform on this exam, they may be placed into a higher level class and awarded credit for its pre-requisites.  While results will not be used to place students in a lower level class, it may be recommended that they take Math 120 Basic Algebra to gain the foundation necessary to be successful in future courses.

Students must attempt all problems on the exam regardless of which class they are enrolled.  The entire test should take about one hour to complete.

Logging in: You will be asked to give your name and the last four digits of your student identification number (social security number). The exam you are about to take is a multiple-choice exam. Work out each problem on paper. Then select the correct answer by clicking on the letter in parenthesis next to it until all questions are answered.