Commercial Real Estate Path*



Fall CONM 1000 Intro to CM-FM-RE
  CONM 1200 Building Construction
  ENGL 1100 English I
  MATH 1000 College Math I
  CHEM 1000 Chem of Build Env
Spring CONM 1500 Construction Graphics
  CMRE 1500 Princ. of Commercial Real Estate
  ENGL 2200 English II
  MATH 1500 Pre-Calculus
  PHYS 1000 College Physics I



Fall CMRE 2000 Real Estate Investment
  CONM 2200 Estimating
  CONM 2100 Stats & Strength of Mat
  MGMT 2700 Financial Accounting
  ECON 4102 Economics
Spring CMFM 2400 Property Management
  CONM 2500 Building Systems
  MATH 1030 Stats & Applications
  ELECTIVE Humanities/Social Science



Fall CONM 3201 Const Proj Scheduling
  CONM 3100 Const Proj Management
  CMRE 3000 Property Analysis
  MGMT 3000 Managing & Leading Org.
Spring  COOP 3500 Cooperative Work Sem I
Summer CMFM 2300 Space Planning
  CMFM 4200 Energy & Sustainability
  CONM 3800 CM Elective
  PSYC 4552
CMFM 4600
I/O Psychology
Principles of Real Estate



Fall COOP 4500 Cooperative Work Sem II
Spring CMRE 4000 Real Property Securitization
  MGMT 4400 Business Neg. Principles
  MGMT 2065 Intro to Entrepreneurship
  ELECTIVE Humanities/ Social Science
  MGMT 4100 Power & Leadership
Summer CONM 5500 CM Senior Project
  CONM 4650 Business Const. Law and Gov Reg
  ELECTIVE Humanities/ Social Science
  MGMT 3600 Labor Relations


* The Construction Management Commercial Real Estate Path is not accredited by ACCE.