Construction Management: Program Assessment & Accreditation

Data is collected from numerous sources for assessment purposes. This data is evaluated periodically in relation to the course and program’s goals and learning objectives.  Issues raised by these surveys are discussed by the entire department as soon as they are identified. Changes, if required, are proposed, discussed and voted upon by the CM faculty as quickly as possible. It should be noted that assessment data from all sources as well as proposed changes to the curriculum are shared and discussed with the CM program’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB) at the discretion of the CM Department Chair and program faculty at the bi-annual IAB meetings. A discussion of each of the assessment tools and how it is used to implement change follows.


Employer Evaluation Co-op of Student's Performance

The Employer Evaluation of Co-op Student’s Performance which is done at semester’s end by each employer with respect to the individual student employed.Once again, the Co-op office conducts the survey, summarizes the data and makes it available to the department usually in the following semester.

Details of Employer Evaluation Co-op of Student's Performance