Computer Science & Networking: Laboratories

Networking Laboratory

Altschuler Computer Center (Wentworth 004): The Altschuler Computer Center opened in summer 2014 after a donation to the institute and has three major areas.

The first is instructional space where our department's lectures and labs are held. This space was designed from the ground up to support project-based learning and student collaboration. The room is arranged with tables to allow students to work in groups, four individuals to a table to promote team work. There are 20 Cisco routers and 20 Cisco switches available directly next to these table groupings for use in introductory networking courses.

The second area is a student data center, which houses equipment used and managed by students. There are six racks that contain five 20 Dell servers, 10 Cisco routers, 10 Cisco switches, five Cisco Nexus switches, one EMC storage array, and additional supporting equipment including UPS units and shared network infrastructure. Students use this equipment in multiple courses to learn how to manage and operate their own computing infrastructures in the manner of industry standard, highly available systems. 

The third area is a faculty/department server room that contains equipment managed by the department staff.