Computer Science: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Academic Advisor?

  1. Log onto Leopard Connection
  2. On the "My LConnect" page, click on the link to Leopardweb/Banner    
  3. Click on the "Student & Financial Aid"
  4. Click on Student Records
  5. Click on View Student Information.
  6. Your advisor is listed under "Primary Advisor."
  7. If you are unable to see your advisor, contact our academic coordinator.

How do I declare a minor?
Minor declaration forms can be picked up in the department office. You'll need to indicate what classes you've taken and will take to complete the minor and gain the approval of the department chair.

Note: Uncompleted minors will prevent seniors from being able to graduate. All declared minors must be completed or dropped before completion. 

I can't register for a COMP class I need - how can I get in?
In the event that students are unable to get into a necessary class they need, there are steps they can take:

  • If all sections are closed (fully enrolled), a student must get the approval of the instructor and the department chair using the override form.
  • If a student wishes to enroll in a closed section due to a scheduling conflict with another course, and there are other sections of the closed course available, they should meet with their academic advisor for assistance to confirm there are no other scheduling options.
  • If a student is missing a pre-requisite course, they must get the approval of the instructor and department chair using the override form. The student will need to explain how they satisfy the pre-requisites to succeed in the course.

I can't register for a class in another department - how can I get in?

  • Students should contact the department offering the class for assistance.

How can I access my degree audit?
The degree audit is a valuable tool that allows students and their advisors to track their course within their field of study. 
To access your degree audit:

  1. Log onto Leopard Connection
  2. Click 'Leopardweb'
  3. Click 'Student'
  4. Click 'Student Records'
  5. Click 'Degree Audit'
  6. Select the most current term and click 'Submit'
  7. Click 'Generate New Evaluation' located in the bottom middle of the page
  8. Select program and most current term
  9. Click 'Submit'