Student Spotlight

Joshua RamierzJoshua Ramirez

Concentration:  Software Development

Minor:  Business (Entrepreneurship)

Program:  Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Campus Leadership:  President of the Wentworth Improvisational Theatre Club and the Station Director of Wentworth Internet Radio + Entertainment

While working at MFS Investment Management, I was a member of the Enterprise Architect department, which was the primary entity responsible for setting IT strategy across the company. This was done through collaboration with various project managers and engineers, coordination across various technology departments, and the administration of internal IT governance through the Enterprise Architecture Review Board. This great breadth of responsibility and work ensured that every day presented unique and interesting experiences. Often times, I would be communicating with managers and business analysts, working with them to bring new projects through the review process. Other days, however, I would be working with fellow Enterprise Architects, considering and developing new process and documentation that would better support our own operations. At times, I also actively participated in projects, across various stages of development, from project statement phase to implementation. Alongside this work, I had the chance to observe and experience the culture and dynamism of a large, modern workplace, currently enjoying a trajectory of great growth and expansion. In particular, I was able to witness how MFS addressed the challenges of enabling meaningful communication and collaboration at the intersection of engineering and management - an area of increasing size and prevalence, and one which an investment management firm is already quite invested in.

My work at MFS opened my eyes to a wealth of understanding though hands-on experience that labs and lectures simply couldn't replicate. Even beyond the knowledge and know-how I picked up from my day-to-day work, the interactions I held with so many different people amounted to a greater appreciation for the perspectives and dimensions that comprise a technology-driven environment, such as that within MFS. And although every company and organization has a culture and that is unique to itself, the great scale of MFS as a company was an enlightening first experience that served as an introduction to the corporate world - one which I will very likely find myself in upon graduation.