Commuter Lockers

Lockers options in Flanagan Campus Center

Locker FAQs

1. When do lockers become available? Lockers become available on the first day of class during the fall semester at the Info Hub desk on the ground floor of the Flanagan Campus Center (Beatty Hall). The Info Hub opens at 6am on weekdays.

2. Who can get a locker? Undergraduate commuter students may lease lockers on a first-come, first-served basis.

3. How do I sign up for a locker? On the first day of class in September, you can request a locker at the Info Hub desk on the ground floor of the Flanagan Campus Center (Beatty Hall). Lockers in the most popular locations go quickly, so get there early! You will be asked to fill out a lease and show your WIT ID to confirm your commuter status. Any day thereafter, you may visit the Center for Student Engagement in Beatty 026 to lease a locker or to retrieve your combination if you forget it.

4.  How much do lockers cost? Lockers are free for commuter students with valid WIT ID.

5. I want a locker in a specific location. Is this possible? Yes, but lockers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Arrive on campus early on the first day of class to ensure you receive your first choice of location.

6. How long do I get to keep my locker? Your locker lasts for the full academic year (September-August). The exact dates are on the Locker Lease you signed upon registering for the locker.  

7.  Do I need to renew my locker every semester? No. Once you register for a locker, you are able to keep that locker throughout the lease terms which always end in mid-August. For example, if you registered for a locker in September, you are able to keep that locker (without filling out a renewal form) until August.

8. I want to make sure I keep the same locker next year. How and when do I renew it? Locker renewal emails are sent out every July reminding you to fill out a Locker Renewal Form online to keep your current locker or turn in a locker you no longer wish to use. If you do not fill out the renewal form, you must clear your locker by the lease end date and your lock will be changed and your locker reassigned to another student in September.

9. I forgot my locker combination. How may I obtain it? You may visit the Center for Student Engagement in Beatty 026 or contact Rebecca Ryan at to request your locker combination, locker number, or location. We recommend keeping your locker information stored safely in your email or phone for reference.

10.  My locker has been damaged or broken. Contact Public Safety at 617-989-4444 if any suspicious activity occurs including a broken lock, missing lock, or damaged locker. To ensure your locker is secure, make sure to close the lock and turn the dial a few times and check it before leaving.

11. I'm not sure how to use the combination lock. To open a combination lock you will need to turn the dial to the right 3 full turns to clear the lock. After you turn the dial 3x to the right, stop on the first number in your locker combination. Turn the dial to the left one full turn and then continue turning the dial to the left to the second number in your combination. Turn the dial directly to the third number in the combination. Check out a video.

Choosing a Locker Location

Consider the following when choosing a locker location:

  • Where are most of your classes?
  • What times will you need to access your locker (only weekdays, weekends, later in the evening)? Some academic buildings close when classes are not in session so access is limited in the late evening and on weekends ( Rubenstein and Watson halls). For lockers with late night and full weekend access, you should consider Annex or Beatty.
  • Where do you plan on spending the most time?
  • How are you commuting to campus (car/train/etc) and which locker location will be on your way to campus or on your way home.

Locker Overview and Lease Agreement

All commuter and off-campus students are eligible for a locker. Residential students may not sign up for a locker. You must have your WIT ID to obtain a locker and confirm your commuter status. Once registered, commuters will receive a combination to their locker and a contract with a list of the following policies:

  • Lockers are the property of Wentworth Institute of Technology.
  • You must use the lock issued to you by Commuter Student Programs at all times. Personal locks are not permitted.
  • You must contact Commuter Student Programs and vacate the locker prior to transferring, graduating, or when the locker is no longer of use to you. Occupying the locker during co-op, however, is permitted.
  • Please reference the Student Code of Conduct for a list of items that not permitted on campus.
  • You must be the sole occupant of the locker. Please do not share the locker or the combination with anyone else.
  • Please pay attention to posted signage on or around the lockers for any updates or issues with locker assignments.
  • Wentworth Institute of Technology is not responsible for any lost, damaged, or stolen items from your locker. If something is taken from your locker, contact Public Safety. Please use at your own risk.

Failure to comply with the above mentioned policies may result in disciplinary action. Lockers are available in Rubenstein, Annex, Flanagan Campus Center (Beatty), and Watson. Gymnasium lockers are not available through the Office of Commuter Student Programs. 

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact or by phone at (617)989-4890.