Commuter Assistants

Commuter Assistants are knowledgeable, experienced commuters who are hired to serve Wentworth's commuter population. They have experience balancing classes, homework, projects, off-campus jobs, and responsibilities at home. They understand commuter challenges like  how to manage your time, get involved, and how to make the effort to meet other students.

Here are a few things that Commuter Assistants do:

  • Plan, run and attend social and educational programs for commuters.
  • Advocate for commuters at Wentworth Student Government meetings and within the Wentworth community.
  • Get to know commuter students and work to create a commuter community on campus.
  • Collaborate with campus services and student organizations on campus to encourage commuter involvement.
  • Act as liaisons for commuters by meeting regularly with the Coordinator of Student Engagement