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Commuter Assistants

Commuter Assistants are knowledgeable, experienced commuters who are hired to serve Wentworth's commuter population. They have experience balancing classes, homework, projects, off-campus jobs, and responsibilities at home. They understand commuter challenges like  how to manage your time, get involved, and how to make the effort to meet other students.


Here are a few things that Commuter Assistants do:

  • Plan, run and attend social and educational programs for commuters.
  • Advocate for commuters at Wentworth Student Government meetings and within the Wentworth community.
  • Get to know commuter students and work to create a commuter community on campus.
  • Collaborate with campus services and student organizations on campus to encourage commuter involvement.
  • Act as liaisons for commuters by meeting regularly with the Coordinator of Student Engagement

Meet our Commuter Assistants

Bryan Schartel

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Minor: Manufacturing

About Me: 

I am originally from Bernville, PA, but live in Norwood, MA currently.  I commuted to and from Wentworth on the Orange line and on busses all of my freshman year. I know it can seem daunting having to commute and manage your time wisely but it is completely possible!  Getting involved is a great way to get to know others.  There are plenty of clubs and activities on campus that can engage you both socially and mentally. My main piece of advice is: "Always ask!"  If you don’t ask questions, how will you ever get the answers?

 Where I spend time on campus:

The Pool Room

Favorite off-campus location: 

Involvement on campus:

  • Wentworth Leadership Institute, Phase 1&2
  • Student Leader for NSO and WOW
  • Billiards Society
  • Phi Sigma Pi


Gustavo Arnal

Major: Biomedical Engineering

About Me: 

I am from Venezuela, I moved to the US a few years ago. I currently commute from Milton, MA and my time at Wentworth has been great and full of valuable experiences. When I first came to Wentworth, one of my biggest worries was how I would fit in being a commuter. The many events the Commuter Assistants set up at the time, really helped me to get to meet people and become more involved though. That’s the reason I decided to become a Commuter Assistant myself, because I get to help others fit in now. Feel free to approach me whenever you have a question or comment, I will help you out!

Where I spend my time on campus:

Pool Room and Ira Allen

Favorite off campus-location: 

Boston Commons

Involvement on campus:

  • Vice-President of the Pool Club
  • Research for the Science Department