Fall 2020 Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Course Plan for Fall 2020: 

All Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Mathematics, Management, English, Humanities, and Social Science courses will be fully online including all lectures and labs. 

The only courses that are part of the Cybersecurity program that may include some in-person delivery are the labs for Science courses.  Students who are taking a Science Elective (typically Cybersecurity Juniors who opt for a Science course to meet the Math/Science Elective) will have the choice to either take that course fully online or with hybrid labs.  Some Biology courses will have fully online labs for all students.  Other Biology courses and all Chemistry and Physics courses will follow a hybrid model for the labs, where students will alternate in-person labs with virtual labs every week.  Students in these hybrid lab courses will therefore have 2 hours of in-person lab instruction every other week, unless they choose a fully virtual academic experience (see below).  The lectures for all Biology, Chemistry, and Physics courses are online regardless.  All other required and elective courses at all levels of the Cybersecurity major will be fully online.

Virtual Classes Declaration Form

All students must complete the Virtual Classes Declaration Form on leopardweb.  This form allows each student to choose one of two options.  Students can either select to take all of their courses virtually/online, or students can select to attend courses in person on campus for those courses that have an on-campus component.  For Cybersecurity majors, this choice only affects students who are taking a Science Elective.  All Cybersecurity, Computer Science, Mathematics, Management, English, Humanities and Social Science courses are fully online this fall regardless of the student's choice on the Virtual Classes Declaration Form.  Therefore, students not taking a Science Elective with a hybrid lab will have all of their major courses online.  Students taking a Science Elective with a hybrid lab can elect to either attend those labs in person or attend them virtually/online by choosing the appropriate option on the Virtual Classes Declaration Form.  Note that students taking courses in pursuit of a minor in another department not listed above should check with that department on how those courses will be delivered before making their choice whether to be fully remote during the Fall semester.

Please contact us if you have any questions:

David Albanese, Academic Coordinator (albanesed1@wit.edu)

Charlie Wiseman, Department Chair (wisemanc@wit.edu)