Service Learning

Learning Well by Doing Good

Service learning is a project-based teaching and learning model that integrates community engagement with instruction, social innovation, and reflection. The goal is to enrich the learning experience for our students, teach the value of social responsibility, and strengthen our surrounding communities.

Service learning projects can be executed through coursework under the direction of faculty, through involvement in student clubs and organizations, by undertaking cooperative learning positions with community organizations, or through Wentworth’s required senior year capstone.

Service learning options include:

Community Co-op

Community co-op gives students the chance to work on local, community-based project(s) for their required co-op semesters.

Community Projects

With a local focus, the CLP develops community-based projects for students that help them develop leadership skills.

Certificate Program

Wentworth gives students the opportunity to receive academic recognition for service learning and community engagement activities.

Service Learning Committee

This committee brings together faculty, administration, and staff to discuss service learning at Wentworth and participate in service activities around the community.