Revere/Shirley Avenue Project

During the summer of 2012, in collaboration with the Neighborhood Developers and the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC), two (2) architecture students worked under the mentorship of Gretchen Schneider AIA to design and prototype an art installation only a few blocks from Revere Beach.  As all projects from CLP are largely community-driven, this project was no different.  This year 200 residents attended four design meetings and requested colorful art installations that celebrate the neighborhood's history and diversity. The project received a Revere Local Cultural Council grant totaling $4,500 through funding from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to celebrate diversity on the Avenue.  The students were mentored throughout the semester by Gretchen Schneider AIA, Executive Director, Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC).  The following students participated in the project:

  • Michael Day, B.S., Architecture '12
  • Leslie de Leon, B.S., Architecture '14