Dual Credit

Dual Credit allows juniors and seniors from partnered Boston High Schools to earn college credit while simultaneously receiving credit toward a high school diploma. This program is aimed at students who have an interest in STEM fields and Wentworth. The primary focus of the program is to develop students to be academically ready and prepare them for college by giving them the opportunity to experience a college level class before they graduate from high school. 

Benefits of participating in Dual Credit: 

  • Early exposure to an authentic college experience 

  • Students who participate in Dual Credit are more prepared for college than those who do not 

  • Students get a head-start and earn transferable college credits 

  • All Dual Credit students have access to all Wentworth resources including: tutoring, clubs & activities, counseling services, access to library, and more

Currently, our partner high schools include:

  • Academy of the Pacific Rim 

  • Boston Community Leadership Academy 

  • Community Academy of Science and Health 

  • City on a Hill- Circuit Street 

  • Dearborn STEM Academy

  • East Boston High School

  • Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers 

  • Excel High School

  • Fenway High School

  • John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science

  • Madison Park Technical Vocational High School

  • New Mission High School