Center for Diversity & Social Justice

About Diversity at Wentworth

Diversity is...

At Wentworth, when we talk about diversity, we mean to include a wide definition of this word.  Diversity is found within our many identities and experiences. Each member of the Wentworth community – faculty, staff, and students – contributes to our diverse campus. 

The Diversity wordcloud above was created with the help of many faculty, staff, and students. 

A Vision for Diversity

Wentworth respects and values all members of our campus community. Through our commitment to each other, we create an inclusive environment for learning and citizenship.

Realizing the Vision

  • We celebrate individual difference and explore identity without the fear of bias.
  • We apply a diversity of thought to solve problems and achieve the best possible outcome.
  • We demonstrate collective responsibility through participatory action on campus and in our community.

Diversity Programs at Wentworth should...

meet at least one of the following outcomes.

  • Provide opportunity for self-reflection
  • Raise awareness of new perspectives
  • Support students from under-represented groups
  • Expand one’s worldview
  • Promote difference as a positive experience and opportunity for learning
  • Promote diversity as encompassing ideas and experiences
  • Examine power and privilege
  • Seek to increase recruitment and retention of a diverse student population
  • Raise awareness of diversity to include hidden identities such as disabilities, sexual orientation, etc…
  • Increase understanding of Institute policies and/or responses to bias related instances