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2017-2018 Academic Catalog: Study Abroad Opportunities

Wentworth seeks to strengthen our students' educational experience by offering an opportunity for global learning. Wentworth Study Abroad programs are designed to immerse students in foreign cultures through classroom instruction and field experiences and to gain a comprehensive education marked by high standards and quality.

Wentworth has established partnerships around the world with a select group of affiliated programs that have demonstrated a proven track record for academic integrity and earned a reputation for excellence in providing solid support throughout their study abroad programs. Wentworth also offers faculty-led study abroad programs which provide a unique opportunity to gain a credit bearing international experience under the instruction of members of the WIT faculty.

For a full list of study abroad options visit the study abroad website: All courses taken during a study abroad semester require preapproval and are submitted to the Office of the Registrar on a completed International Transfer credit Pre-approval form. Students must meet with their academic advisor and department chair to determine if the available courses will satisfy requirements within their major. In many cases an established course equivalency list is available, however in such instances where an equivalency has not been established, prior approval is required. by an academic advisor and department chair.

Courses completed that have not been preapproved will not become part of the students WIT academic record unless approved by their academic advisor and department chair; approval is not guaranteed. All accepted international credits will be held to the same minimum grade requirement of a C or higher, no credit will be awarded for grades of P or S unless otherwise noted on the pre-approval form. Approved courses will appear on a student’s official transcript with grades of "T" (transfer credit) and are not calculated into a student GPA.