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2017-2018 Academic Catalog: Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development (Coops + Careers)

Robbin Beauchamp, Director
Wentworth Hall, Room 101

Wentworth's Center for Cooperative Education and Career Development (CO-OPS + CAREERS) offers students and graduates a full range of career services, including cooperative education and career advising, career information and resources, graduate school planning, and opportunities to network with employers. The office is located in Wentworth Hall and is open Monday through Friday, 8:15 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., and some evenings. Call for a current schedule.


CO-OPS + CAREERS provides career advising to students and alumni at any point in their college or post-college experience. CO-OPS + CAREERS staff help students and alumni research occupational and employment information, establish short- and long-term career goals, explore different career paths, and make informed and purposeful career decisions.

Cooperative Education (Co-op)

As a requirement for graduation, undergraduate day-program students complete two cooperative education semesters, typically one in each of the junior and senior years. Students must register for COOP 3500 or COOP 4500 to fulfill a co-op requirement and report the co-op hire on WITworks, an online job-posting and co-op management system. Typically, students will not take other courses during their co-op semesters. Enrollment in a co-op course maintains a student’s full-time student status.

Note that transfer students must complete at least one semester at Wentworth before being eligible for the co-op program.

Students must be in good academic standing to complete a co-op. Students not meeting this standard by the end of the semester immediately preceding their co-op term will not be eligible for co-op. These students will be dropped from their co-op enrollment.

Upon completion of the co-op and required assignments, students earn a Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grade, which is recorded on the student’s academic transcript.

Occasionally students enter the baccalaureate day programs with substantial work experience in their major field. With the approval of the director of CO-OPS + CAREERS department, this work experience may be substituted for one of the co-op requirements. Students must formally petition to receive this course substitution.

Two semesters of optional co-op education are also offered, typically one in the summer prior to junior year for students who have completed all prerequisites for junior year courses and are in good academic standing, the other for students who have successfully completed their two required semesters of co-op and obtained permission from their academic department and CO-OPS + CAREERS advisor.

There is no co-op requirement for students in the College of Professional and Continuing Education.

Co-op Schedule

  • First Year Fall: Class
  • First Year Spring: Class
  • Second Year Fall: Class
  • Second Year Spring: Architecture Required 1
  • Second Year Summer: Optional Co-op; Math 3-Year Required 1
  • Third Year Fall: Class
  • Third Year Spring: Co-op Required 1; Math 3-Year Required 2
  • Third Year Summer: Architecture Required 2; Electromechanical Required 1; Math 4-Year Required 1
  • Fourth Year Fall: Co-op Required 2
  • Fourth Year Spring: Math 4-Year Required 2
  • Fourth Year Summer: Electromechanical Required 2
  • Fifth Year, Electromechanical ONLY:
  • Fall: Class
  • Spring: Class
  • Summer: Class

Those listed in bold italic are co-op semesters for all other majors not listed.

Co-op Institute

This seminar provides students with the skills and knowledge needed to successfully obtain a co-op position. Students are taught by their advisor, who supports their individual majors. Guest instructors are industry employers and co-op student panels.  Students learn about résumé and cover letter development, interviewing skills, professionalism on the job, networking, and how to successfully register for their co-op semesters.  Students typically take Co-op Institute the semester prior to their first co-op.

Career Tools

CO-OPS + CAREERS assists students and alumni who seek to explore possibilities that match their career goals, develop job-search competencies and methods to present themselves effectively, obtain information on employment opportunities (full-time and co-op) and prospective employers, connect with employers, and develop and maintain relationships with employers.

Through WITworks, career fairs, and specialized recruiting events, such as mock interview day, students and employers are able to connect for co-op and full-time job opportunities.

Graduate School Planning

CO-OPS + CAREERS assists students and alumni in obtaining information on graduate/professional schools and preparing for the graduate/professional school application process.