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2017-2018 Academic Catalog: Undergraduate and Graduate Academic Good Standing

WIT is committed to the academic success of all students. It monitors progress toward success via the Academic Good Standing requirements. To remain in Good Academic Standing students must meet a required cumulative grade point average. Failure to meet Academic Good Standing requirements will result in sanctions and interventions, including dismissal from the Institute.

Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) undergraduate (both Day and CPCE): To remain in academic good standing all students must maintain the GPA according to the scale below:

Year Cumulative Credits Minimum GPA
Freshman 0-31 1.70
Sophomore 32-63 1.85
Junior 64-95 2.00
Senior 96+ 2.00
5th Year 140+ 2.00

A cumulative GPA is the GPA calculated using grades from all semesters. A semester GPA is the GPA calculated using grades from the current semester.

Minimum requirements for Master of Architecture: Students enrolled in the Master of Architecture program must maintain a 3.0 GPA to be in Good Academic Standing.

Minimum requirements for graduate students enrolled in CPCE must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be in good academic standing.

**Transfer students will be considered to have completed one semester of full time study for every 12 credits of posted transfer credit. For example, a student who transfers in 24 credits and completes at least 12 credits must have a GPA of 2.0 at the end of their first semester to achieve Academic Good Standing. Part time students must meet the GPA requirement of full time students based upon the number of credit hours they have completed. For example, a part time student who has completed between 24-31 credits would be expected to have a GPA of 1.75, a part-time student who has completed 48 credits would be expected to have a GPA of 2.0.

**Good Academic Standing is not the same as Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial aid. Refer to the Financial Aid section for more information on financial aid eligibility.

Students who fail to meet the minimum requirements for academic good standing at the end of each semester are notified via their WIT e-mail address within 2 weeks after final grades are posted to their academic record.

Academic Warning: Notices are issued to students via their Wentworth e-mail after each semester to any student enrolled in a WIT program whose semester GPA does not meet the minimum GPA for their class level. Students will be placed on Academic Warning for the next academic semester. Academic Warnings should be taken seriously and serve as an advanced notification of academic standing falling into probationary status if actions are not taken to improve academic performance. Academic Warnings do not appear on a student’s official transcript. Students on Academic Warning are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisors to discuss methods to improve their GPA. Academic Warnings are intended to make students aware that they are in jeopardy of falling into probationary status if improvements are not made.

Academic Probation: Students who fail to meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements for their class level are placed on probation for one semester, fall, spring or summer immediately following an unsatisfactory academic performance. Probation formally warns students of the need to increase their focus on their academic programs and to take personal responsibility for addressing their deficiencies. Should a student fail to meet the minimum GPA for their class level in a subsequent semester, they are placed on continued academic probation. Students on probation are encouraged to take advantage of the resources of the Institute including their academic advisor, The Center for Academic Excellence, and the Counseling Center, to develop strategies for success in their academic life. Students on probation are encouraged to meet all the requirements outlined onthe Probation Checklist.  While continued probation may continue for more than one semester, probationary students who do not make adequate progress in addressing their deficiencies are subject to dismissal. Probationary status is placed on the student’s official transcript.

Students who take classes at Wentworth or courses from the Colleges of the Fenway for improving their GPA, but during a non-scheduled semester, may petition to have their probationary status reviewed following the posting of their final course grades. Petitions should be addressed to the Office of the Provost in care of the Assistant to the Provost.

Academic Dismissal is noted on students’ transcripts for students whose cumulative GPA for their class level does not meet minimum GPA requirements and whose current standing is continued probation with no evidence of academic progress.

Students who have been academically dismissed may appeal this decision in writing to the Academic Appeals Committee in care of the assistant to the provost, per the guidelines outlined in the letter of dismissal.