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2016-2017 Academic Catalog: Registration

Continuing Students

Registration for continuing students occurs for each of the three academic semesters during the specific dates published. Registration instructions are published on LConnect. Students will be able to register for courses online as long as there are no holds on their account, all prerequisites and co-requisites have been met, and the courses are available. Students who are attempting to register for courses that are restricted for majors or require department overrides should see the department that schedules this course. Registration into courses that are not required or require overrides is not guaranteed.

Freshmen day students and all students on probation are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to registration. For course registration that requires written permission to register, students should contact the academic department offering the course.

Day student registration into CPCE courses, and CPCE student registration into Day courses, is generally not permitted. Students seeking registration into a Day or CPCE course require the approval of both CPCE and the department which offers the Day course.

New Students

Registration for newly accepted students occurs during the summer prior to the student’s matriculation in the fall semester. LConnect accounts are created for new students prior to arrival. Students register for their courses during New Student Orientation. For students unable to make a New Student Orientation session, the Registrar sends e-mail notices and invitations to the incoming freshmen, who then register for their courses online. Incoming transfer students are registered by their academic department chairs and the Registrar prior to their arrival based on awarded transfer credit to best fulfill their curricular requirements.

During the registration period, students can add or drop courses online via LeopardWeb. Unless otherwise noted, the Day student full-semester registration period will remain open for eight days including the first day of classes. For half-semester day courses, student can add courses for two days and drop courses for eight days. Dropped courses are removed from the student’s transcript. Non-attendance does not constitute dropping a course. The specific registration dates for each semester, including CPCE courses, are published on the Academic Calendar. Once LeopardWeb registration closes, students will be unable register for additional/new courses and registered courses become part of the student's transcript record.

In some cases, students may need additional permission to add a course (if the class is fully enrolled, the student has not completed the pre-requisites required for a course, etc.). Permission is requested through the department that offers the course and this department determines if a registration exception is reasonable. Should a registration exception be permitted the student will register online.

Colleges of the Fenway Cross Registration

Wentworth is a member of the Colleges of the Fenway (COF), an association of six Fenway area institutions whose other members are Emmanuel College, Massachusetts College of Art & Design, MCPHS University, Simmons College, and Wheelock College.

Students interested in cross-registering for a course through the COF must complete a COF cross registration form in the Student Service Center. Full time students may cross-register for up to two COF courses in a given semester. Course offerings and other information are published online at

Students who cross-register must follow the academic policies and procedures of the host institution for that course. This includes the host institution’s academic honesty policy and adherence to their academic calendar. Discipline issues will be addressed by the student’s home institution.

Grades received in cross-registered COF courses will be computed in the cumulative grade point average in accordance with the Wentworth grading system. Pass (P) grades are not accepted at Wentworth. Students may not be allowed to register for courses that are graded on a Pass/Fail basis.

To ensure that the COF will satisfy a degree requirement, prior to taking the COF course the student must request course substitution approval for the course. A Course Substitution Form must be submitted to the department which offers the Wentworth requirement. In some instances current catalog information including course description, credit hours, and syllabus from the COF institution may also be required for off-campus course review. The curricular department chair determines if the course content and credit hours are equivalent to the Wentworth course and then approves or denies the petition. In cases which the course is required by a department other than the department which offers the course, the student may also need approval from the department which requires that course.

Schedule Overloads

A full-time student may not schedule an overload of courses without the approval of his or her academic department chair on a Registration Exception form. An overload is any number of semester credit hours in excess of 20. As a general guideline, the student should have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 in order to take an overload. No more than 24 credits or a total of six courses will be allowed. A student will be assessed a per credit tuition charge for each credit exceeding 20 credits in addition to the full-time tuition charge for that semester. Refer to the tuition and fees portion of the catalog for more information.

Time Conflicts

Time conflicts of courses are not normally permitted. Students whose courses conflict should meet with their academic department chair to develop an appropriate alternative schedule and a curriculum plan. Under exceptional circumstances, students may register for courses with otherwise unresolvable time conflicts with the written permission of their academic department chair and the permission of the department chair(s) of the courses that conflict. Students must submit their registration exception forms with these permissions in the Student Service Center.