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2016-2017 Academic Catalog: Diplomas

Students must complete the graduation application on Leopardweb in order to receive a diploma. The application is typically available to students at the start of their final semester.

Students or alumni in need of a replacement diploma can contact the Student Service Center to obtain an order form. The form must be notarized, and there is a $50 replacement fee due at the time the completed form is submitted.

Degree Audit

A degree audit is an online tool used to indicate if degree requirements are being satisfied. The degree audit is available on Leopardweb to currently enrolled students and their faculty advisors. Students should routinely check their degree audit to confirm that graduation requirements are being satisfied, determine remaining unfulfilled requirements, and assess their academic progress. Students are responsible for completing all the requirements listed on the degree audit prior to graduation. The degree audit is the basis on which the student is cleared for graduation by the Registrar's Office. Students who have a concern about degree audit accuracy should contact his/her student advisor to verify that audit information is correct.

Course Audit

There is no audit option for Wentworth courses. Audits taken at other academic institutions will not appear on a student’s record.

Course Substitution

In some cases students may get approval to substitute a course for a curriculum requirement. Course substitutions must be approved by the of the department which offers the course. In cases which the course is required by a department other than the department offering the course, the student may also need approval from the department which requires the course. Prior to taking an off-campus course for the purposes of substitution, matriculated students who wish to transfer a course from another institution must seek approval from the department which offers the Wentworth course. Course substitutions are generally not permitted if courses will be offered when necessary to satisfy student course requirements. For more information regarding off-campus course substitution, please see the Transfer Credit area of the catalogue. Approved course substitutions will be reflected on the degree audit.