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2016-2017 Academic Catalog: Lecturers: College of Professional and Continuing Education

DAVID ALBANESE M.A. Modern European History, Binghamton University; B.A. History, magna cum laude; PhD, History Northeastern University

NAKISA ALBORZ B.S., Civil Engineering, magna cum laude; M.Sc. Project Construction Management, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; PhD. Civil Engineering, Sustainable Building Performance, Minor-Environmental Science, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

JOSHUA ANDERSON   M.S., Real Estate Development, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; B.A., St. Lawrence University

LEONARD ANDERSON B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Amherst; M.S. Civil Engineering, Construction Project Management, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering/Management, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

JENNIFER APPLEBEE M.S., Applied Mathematics, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; B.A., Mathematics, Wellesley College

TUGBA ARSAVA B.S., Civil Engineering, Atilim University; M.S. Civil Engineering, Atilim University; M.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of Massachusetts at Lowell; Ph.D. Candidate, Civil & Environmental Engineering University of Massachusetts at Lowell

VALERIE ATHERLY B.S., in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Suffolk University, Sawyer School of Management; M.B.A. Suffolk University, Sawyer School of Management; A.P.C. Suffolk University, Sawyer School of Management;

PAYAM BAKHSHI B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Tehran; M.Sc. Civil Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology; Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Northeastern University

JOHN BALBONI B.S., Marine Safety and Environmental Protection, Mass. Maritime Academy

MARK BARANSKI B.A., International Relations, Boston University; M.S. Real Estate Development, M.I.T.

MARGARET BARRETT B.A., Management and Communication, Regis College; M.A. Human Resources Management, Emmanuel College

SUSAN BASTIAN B.A., Psychology, Ohio University; MEd Technology Education, Lourdes College; Ed.S. in Science Education, University of Toledo

ILYAS BHATTI B.S. in Civil Engineering, University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore; M.S. in Civil Engineering, M.I.T.

LUCIANA BURDI B.A., Architecture, summa cum laude, University of Architecture, Venice; Ph.D. Graduate school of Design, Harvard University; SPURS Fellow, M.I.T.

ALBERT CALDARELLI B.A., Political Science, Boston University; J.D. cum laud, Suffolk Law School

ELEANOR CANTER Bachelor of Education, University of Michigan; M.A. in Education, Kent State University

SANDRO CARELLA B.A., Economics, Harvard College; Bachelor of Architecture, Wentworth Institute of Technology; Master of Architecture, Wentworth Institute of Technology

CHRISTINE CASATELLI B.A., Broadcast Journalism/Psychology, Syracuse University; M.A. Public Administration, Harvard University; Ph.D. Education, University of Massachusetts

LEFFI CEWE-MALLOY Bachelor of Architecture, University of Lund, Sweden; Masters of Architecture, State university of New York at Buffalo

JUSTIN CHAPMAN M.B.A., Management Information Systems, Bentley College; B.S., Business Administration, Bentley College

RAUL CONSUNJI M.B.A., Finance and Accounting, Columbia University; A.B., Economics, University of the Philippines

DANIEL COOK B.S., Civil Engineering, B.A. in Architecture, M.S. in Structural Engineering, Lehigh University

LEON CORT B.A., Modern Foreign Language, Fisk University; M.A. International Affairs, Ohio University; Ph.D. Political Science, Boston University

CHRISTINA COSMA B.Sc., Civil Engineering, Technical University of IASI, Romania; M.E. Civil Engineering, University of Florida; Ph.D. Civil Engineering, University of Florida

TIMOTHY H. DALTON Humanities/Social Sciences M.A.T., English, Boston College; B.A., English, Boston State College

HOLLIS DAVIS   B.S. in Marketing, M.B.A in Business Administration, Florida Atlantic University

LAURA DAVIS   M.B.A., Suffolk University; B.S., Accounting, University of Massachusetts

GAUTHAM DAS   B.E. Civil Engineering, Bangalore University; M.S. and Ph.D. in Infrastructure and Environmental Engineering, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte

BRUCE DECKER   M.S. Biomedical Engineering and B.S. Electrical Engineering, University of Connecticut

ANTHONY DEGUGLIELMO B.S., Biology, Merrimack College

LEONARD DELOSH   A.E Electronic Engineering, Wentworth Institute of Technology; B.S. in Engineering Technology, Northeastern University; M.B.A. University of Massachusetts

WAYNE J. DELPICO   B.S Construction and Management., Civil Engineering, Northeastern University.

MARIE DENNEEN B.S., Mathematics, Boston State College; M.A. in Education, Suffolk university

RYAN DEPESA M.S., Professional Communication, Clark University; B.S., Business Administration, Nichols College

ERIC DESMOND M.B.A., Benedictine University; B.S., Operations Technology, Northeastern University

JOHN DICICCO A.S., Business Management, Fisher College; B.S. Organizational Behavior, Lesley University; M.S. Applied Management, Lesley University; PH.D. Higher Education, Capella University

JOAN DOLAMORE   Ed.D and Ed.M. Graduate School of Education Harvard University

DOUGLAS DOW  B.A. Liberal Arts Engineering, Wheaton College; B.S. Electrical Engineering, Texas A&M University; M.S. Computer Science, University of Colorado; M.S. Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan; PH.D. Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan

BILL DRISCOLL  B.S. Business Administration, Eastern Nazarene College; J.D./M.B.A. Suffolk University; Doctor of Law & Policy, Northeastern University

RONALD E. FIONTE   M.B.A. Management, Suffolk University; B.A., Economics, Merrimack College.

MARK E. FITZGERALD   M.S. Building Construction,  Construction Management, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

ROBIN FRKAL  Ph.D., Human and Organizational Development, Fielding Graduate University; M.S., Professional Communications, Clark University; B.A., Foreign Affairs; Assumption College

STEVE FUGARAZZO  B.S. Civil Engineering, Norwich University; M.S. Civil Engineering Construction Management, Northeastern University

KAMRAN GHAVAMI  B.S. Civil Engineering, Tehran University; M.S. Construction Engineering and Management, Tehran University; PH.D. Construction Engineering and Management, Northeastern University

JOAN GIBLIN   M.A., History, University of Chicago; B.A., East Asian Studies, Colby College

ROCHELLE GIMENEZ   Ph.D., Philosophy, M.S., Occupational Education, B.S., Applied Technical Studies, A.A.S, Architectural Technology, Southern Illinois University

LAURIE GOLAN   M.E., Cambridge College; B.S., Mathematics Education, Springfield College

MITCHELL GLASS   M.L.A., University of Virginia; B.A., University of Connecticut

KEN GROUT B.A Drake University; M.A. Emerson College; M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies, Cambridge College

THOMAS E. GUNNOUD   Humanities/Social Sciences M.S.W., Howard University; M.A., Theological Studies, Maryknoll School of Theology; B.A., Psychology, Stonehill College; LICSW.

JARRED HAAS   M.A.T., Simmons College; B.A., Social Studies and Drama, Ithaca College

LAURA HACKELL  B.A. Wellesley College, M.A. Architecture, Harvard University

PATRICK HAFFORD   A.A. Moorpark College; M.B.A. Babson College; Ph.D. in Management, Sullivan University

PATRICIA A. HALLINAN   Mathematics   M.Ed., School Administration, Rivier College; B.A., Mathematics, Salem State College.

BRENDAN HALPIN   B.A., magna cum laude, University of Pennsylvania; M.A. Tufts University

JACK HARARI   B.A. English Literature, Brooklyn College; Masters of Social Work, Hunter College School of Social Work

VICTORIA HARDY   B.Sc. University of Missouri; M.S. Management, Aquinas College

MARK HASSO  M.S. Civil Engineering, City University of London; M.S. Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; PH.D. Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

VIVIAN HATZIYANNIS   M.A., Tufts University; B.A., Boston University

MARC HOLLOWAY   M.S., Facilities Management, Massachusetts Maritime Academy; B.A., History, University of Massachusetts at Boston; Certificate in Construction Drafting, Wentworth Institute of Technology

JOAN HOLT  B.A. Eastern Nazarene College; M.S Library and Information, University of Pittsburgh; M.Ed. Eastern Nazarene College

MICHAEL HOLT  A.A. Business Administration, Cape Cod Community College; B.A. Economics, Eastern Nazarene College; M.B.A. Babson College; J.D., Suffolk University Law School

IAN HUDSON  B.S. University of Alabama; M.B.A. Keller Graduate School of Management; PH.D. Nova Southeastern University

CHRISTINA INGE  B.A., summa cum laude, University of Maryland; M.Ed. University of Wyoming

KATHLEEN IVES   Ph.D., Management in Organizational leadership, University of Phoenix; M.A., Communications Management, University of Southern California; B.A., Mass Communications, University of California at Davis

KENNETH F. JOHNSON, JR.  M.S. Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; B.S.E.T., Civil Engineering Technology and A.E., Civil Engineering Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology; Registered Professional Engineer; Construction Supervisor‘s License.

JAMES KANE  A.S. Building Design and Construction, Wentworth institute of Technology; B.S. Construction Management, Wentworth Institute of Technology; M.S. Facilities Management, magna cum laude, Mass. Maritime Academy

WILLIAM KEARNEY  B.S. Civil Engineering, Northeastern University; M.S. Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

COLEMAN KELLY  M.Ed Boston State College;

SCOTT KELTING  B.S./M.S. Industrial Technology, California Polytechnic State University; PH.D. Educational Leadership, University of California

SUZANNE KENNEDY  M.S. Interior Design, University of Wisconsin

JOHN KILLEEN  B.A. Economics, Hartwick College; M.S. Finance, Northeastern University; M.S. Education, Northeastern University

JAMES LAMBRECHTS  B.S.C.E. University of Maryland, M.S.C.E, Purdue University

JIM LANDERS   B.S., Wentworth Institute of Technology

JAMES LANDRY   M.B.A., Suffolk University; B.A., English Literature, Boston College

DEAN LARSON  B.S. Mass. Maritime Academy; M.S. in Management, Cambridge College

JAMES A. LEE   A.A.S., Building Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology.

THOMAS LESKO B.A. Architecture, Syracuse University; M.A. Harvard University

WILLIAM LYONS JR  B.S. Electrical Engineering, Norwich University; J.D., Suffolk University Law School

ROBERT LIZZA  B.A. magna cum laude, Coby College; J.D. Georgetown University Law Center

JAMES MANGANELLO  A.S./B.S. Management Engineering Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology; M.S. Facility Management, Mass. Maritime Academy

THOMAS G. MASSIMO   J.D. Management, Suffolk University Law School; M.P.A., Harvard Kennedy School; B.S., Public Administration, Roger Williams University; Member of Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Federal Bars.

MICHAEL MATVICHUK  M.S., Management Science, Lesley College; B.S. Science, University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

KARL A. MCCARTHY  Building Construction  Civil Engineering, U. Massachusetts, Amherst; Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

NEIL F. MCCARTHY   M.S., Applied Physics and B.S., Engineering/Physics, Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Massachusetts, Boston.

KATHERINE MCCLELLAN  B.S. Marine Engineering, Mass. Maritime Academy; M.S. Facilities Management, Mass. Maritime Academy;  Ph.D. Education, Plymouth State University

RICK MCCULLOUGH  B.S. Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts

SUSAN MCFARLAND   M.B.A. Management Executive, Anna Maria College; M.A., Religious Education; B.A., English, College of St. Rose.

WILLIAM MCGOVERN   B.S., Civil Engineering, Northeastern University; A.S. Civil Engineering, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Registered Professional Land Surveyor.

MARY KAITLIN MCSALLY   J.D., Suffolk University Law School; B.S., Computer Science and Operations Management, Boston College

Ph.D., Education Technology and Drama, Tufts University; M.A., Education, Harvard University; B.S., Electrical Engineering, Federal University of Bahia

Electronics and Management
M.B.A., University of Massachusetts, Boston; B.S., Electronic Engineering Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology.

DAVID MOHR   B.A. in Psychology, magna cum laude, University of Dayton; M.A./ PH.D.  Industrial Organizational Psychology, Bowling Green State University

M.A. Educational Leadership and Administration, West Virginia University; M.S. Community Agency Counseling, B.A. Psychology, California University of PA

DANIEL MOORE JR B.A., Communications, University of Massachusetts; M.S. Communications Management, Simmons College

MICHELE MOREAU B.S., Physics, University of Kentucky; M.S. Applied Physics, University of Massachusetts; PH.D. Medical Physics, University of Massachusetts

J.D., Suffolk University Law School; B.S., Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

PAUL OWEN MULRONEY J.D., Civil, Construction and Environment Suffolk University Law School; B.S., Civil Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Registered Professional Engineer; Member of Commonwealth of Massachusetts and Federal Bars.

MICHAEL NORRIS B.S. Project Management, cum laude, Wentworth Institute of Technology; A.S. Electrical Engineering Technology,

KELLIE NOUMI B.S., Economics, Framingham State; M.B.A. Nichols College;

CHARLES O’BRIEN B.S., Construction Science, Roger Williams College; M.B.A., Assumption College

JENNIFER O’HARE M.B.A., Anna Maria College; B.S.M, University of Massachusetts

GARY OSMOND B.A., History, Dartmouth College; M.B.A. Cornell University

HEATHER OSTERTOG B.S., Civil Engineering, Northeastern University;  M.S. Transportation, University of Tennessee

LAWRENCE OVERLAN   M.B.A, University of Notre Dame, M.A., Political Science, The University of Alabama, B.A., History, University of Notre Dame

SANDRA OWEN   M.B.A., University of Phoenix; B.S.B.A., Eastern Nazarene College; A.S.B.A., The New England Banking Institute

KELLY PARRISH M.S. Education, Boston University; B.S. Applied Computer Science, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

CARL PEARSON E.M.B.A Anna Maria College; B.A. Chemistry, Assumption College;

EDWARD POLASKI   M.C.M., East Carolina University; B.P.M. Wentworth Institute of Technology; A.A.T., Wentworth Institute of Technology

STEPHANIE POLLARD   M.A.M., Boston College; B.A., Mathematics, Boston College

CORY POULIOT   B.S. Marine Engineering, Mass. Maritime Academy; B.S. Facilities and Plant Engineering, Mass. Maritime Academy; M.B.A Anna Maria College; M.S. Facilities Management, Mass. Maritime Academy

RICHARD RABEN   M.Ed. Management, Lesley University, B.S., University of Texas.

VICTOR RAYMOND B.A. History, Concordia University; M.B.A. California Coast University; M.S. Computer Information Systems, University of Phoenix; PH.D. Argosy University

JUSTIN REGINATO Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of California; B.S., Geological Engineering, University of Nevada

BURTON REYNOLDS M.B.A., Boston University; B.S., Business Administration, Golden Gate University

ANTHONY RONDINELLI M.B.A. Western New England College; B.S. Business Management, cum laude, Westfield State University; A.S., Business Management, Springfield Technical Community College

JOHN A. RUSSO B.E.T., Electronics Northeastern University; A.E., Electronic Engineering Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology.

ALEXANDER W. SALACHI, JR. M.A. Humanities/Social Sciences, English, Duquesne University; B.A., English, Assumption College; LMS (Library Media Specialist) Certification.

PAUL SALAMONE B.S., Engineering Technology; A.E., Civil Engineering; A.A.S., Building Construction Technology, Wentworth Institute of Technology

CHRISTOPHER SCANLON M.A., Student Affairs Administration, Michigan State University; B.A., English Literature, The University of Scranton

THOMAS SCHULTZ B.A., Architecture, A.A.S, Wentworth Institute of Technology

CATHERINE SHANKS B.A., Skidmore College; J.D. New England School of Law

DIPTI SHARMA B.S., Physics, Kanpur University; M.S. Physics, Kanpur University; PH.D. Physics, Harcourt Butler Technological Institute

KEVIN SHEA M.B.A., Northeastern University; B.A., English Literature, University of Connecticut

ERIK SIMON B.S., Architecture, University of Washington; M.S. Architecture, Clemson University;

BARRY SINGER B.S., Civil Engineering, Northeastern University; M.S. Civil Engineering, Northeastern University; M.S. Engineering Management, Northeastern University

JEFFREY SLATTERY B.A., Biblical Studies, Johnson University; M.A. Counseling, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; M.B.A. Wilmington University; PH.D. International Business, Argosy University

JONATHAN SMALL   M.P.S., Digital Media Management, Northeastern University; B.A., Communications, Advertising & Public Relations, Pennsylvania State University

MONICA SNOW PH.D., University of New Brunswick; B.S. Forest Engineering, University of New Brunswick; M.E. Civil Engineering, Memorial University of Newfoundland

MICHAEL STACEY Ed.D., Education, University of Massachusetts; M.A., Counseling Psychology, Goddard College; B.S., Business Administration, Quinnipiac College

CINDY STEVENS PH.D., Technology Management, Indiana; M.A. Technical & Professional Communication, East Carolina University; B.A. English, Hilbert College

DURGA SURESH PH.D. Computer Engineering, Northeastern University, M.S. Computer Science, Saint Joseph’s University; B.E., Electronics and Communication Engineering, Madras University;

CHRISTOPHER TARPEY M.S., Facilities Management, Mass. Maritime Academy B.S., Marine Engineering

KATHERINE THIBEAULT   Executive M.B.A., Suffolk University; B.A. History and Philosophy of Science, University of Illinois

CLIFFORD TISHLER   M.B.A., Marketing, Hofstra University; B.S., Marketing, Boston College

CIDHINNIA TORRES-CAMPOS   Ph.D. Ecological/Community Psychology, Michigan State University; M.A. Ecological/Community Psychology, Michigan State University; B.A. Psychology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus

FREDERICK TRILLING   M.B.A, Suffolk university; J.D., Suffolk University law School; B.A., Brandeis University

JOHN TOTTEN B.S., Fitchburg State College, A.A. Liberal Arts, Cape Cod Community College

CYNTHIA TSAO   Ph.D. Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California; Certificate in Management of Technology, University of California; M.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering, Stanford University; B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of California,

LESLIE TUPLIN B.S. Northeastern University, A.S., Engineering, Franklin Institute

DENNIS UNGER B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts

JOHN PAUL VEROSTEK B.S., Micro-Electronic Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

MICHAEL VIERRA Ph.D., Education, Capella University; M.A.T., Bridgewater State College; B.A., English, Bridgewater State College

LINDSAY WAGNER M.ADM., Project Management, Northern Arizona University; B.S. Construction Management, Northern Arizona University

VERONICA WALSH M.E. Boston State College, B.S., Boston State College;

MARK WARREN M.B.A., Bentley College; B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University

DEBORAH WRIGHT Dean, College of Professional and Continuing Education; M.B.A., University of Phoenix; B.F.A., California Institute of the Arts

TERESA ZAKRZEWSKI Ph.D., Education, Columbia University; M.S., Training and Development, Lesley University, B.S., Business Administration, University of Massachusetts at Lowell

DONALD ZANETTI A.S., Business, Northeastern University; B.S. Management, Northeastern University