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2016-2017 Academic Catalog: Department of Mechanical Engineering & Technology

Michael E. Jackson, Chair
Rubenstein Hall, Room 208

Department Vision & Mission Statement

The overall vision of the Mechanical Engineering & Technology department is to be recognized by industries hiring the department’s graduates for providing an application-driven core curriculum based on the traditions of a Wentworth practice based education. Through hands-on laboratory based projects and a cooperative work experience, graduates will be recognized by employers as productive contributors in their respective fields immediately after graduation.

The mission of Wentworth’s engineering and technology programs builds upon Wentworth’s educational mission and curricular model used to assess the effectiveness of the educational programs. Central to Wentworth’s cooperative education is the use of design and project courses throughout the curriculum to assist students in the integration and application of new knowledge into their developing professional practice skills. Wentworth’s engineering and technology programs are intended to educate future engineers and technologists at the undergraduate level. Through a practice-oriented education, they will be able to utilize technological advancements, contribute to innovative design solutions in a collaborative environment, and make appropriate decisions for their respective areas of professional responsibility.

Degree Programs