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2016-2017 Academic Catalog: Department of Computer Science & Networking

Charlie Wiseman, Ph.D., Chair
Dobbs Hall, Room 142

Department Vision & Mission Statement

The Department of Computer Science and Networking is dedicated to providing its students with a foundation for continuous learning and an understanding of contemporary computer science and networking applications and concepts. The department introduces students to this field by using introductory programming and networking courses. Students develop the necessary skills to acquire and apply new knowledge in courses such as data structures, algorithms, databases, programming languages, operating systems, routing, security, and system administration. The department strives to prepare its graduates for productive and challenging careers in private practice, industry, and government, and to provide a solid foundation for lifelong professional development, including graduate programs.

The department’s dedicated networking laboratory provides students with a hands-on learning experience. Students have the opportunity to work with state of-the-art servers, switches, and routers both for network design and administration. The department also involves students in their professions through its support of related student organizations and co-operative educational experiences.

Degree Programs