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2016-2017 Academic Catalog: Bachelor of Science in Construction Management

Construction Management (BSCM)
Leading to the Bachelor of Science degree

The Construction Management program provides a background of technical skills to apply to a construction project from conception to completion. Students are taught the skills necessary to manage resources, time, cost, and quality with emphasis on team building. Skills developed during the program include management, budgeting and cost control, cost estimating, scheduling, engineering fundamentals, and the development of analytical and communication skills. In addition, the Construction Management program is a cooperative education program where hands-on experience is acquired. Career opportunities for the construction manager are found throughout the industry and include positions with construction companies, government agencies, architectural and engineering firms, industrial firms, and manufacturing and materials suppliers.

Degree Details

Credits for Degree: 134

This is a four-year, American Council for Construction Education (ACCE) accredited program that begins in the fall of the student’s first year and is planned to finish in the summer semester of the student’s fourth year.

This period includes two semesters of cooperative work experience.  A graduate of this program can receive a 30-hour OSHA certificate, and a Construction Manager in Training Certificate, a first step in gaining a Certified Construction Manager professional registration.

Students should contact their academic advisor or academic department office for information regarding the construction management elective.Special Graduation Requirement

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program must demonstrate completion of a U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30-hour training course in Construction Safety & Health. Submission to the Registrar of a photocopy of either the signed and dated card or verification and dating of entrance ticket or receipt indicating that the student actually attended the training will serve as adequate proof.

Construction Management (BSCM)

Freshman Year, Fall Semester (total credits 19)

  • CONM1000, Introduction to Construction Management 3 credits
  • CONM1200, Building Construction 4 credits
  • CHEM1000, Chemistry for the Built Environment 4 credits
  • MATH1000, College Mathematics I 4 credits
  • ENGLISH, English Sequence, See ENGL/HSS note below *

Freshman Year, Spring Semester (total credits 18)

  • CONM 1500, Construction Graphics 3 credits
  • CONM 1600, Heavy Construction Equipment 3 credits
  • PHYS 1000, College Physics I 4 credits
  • MATH 1500, Precalculus 4 credits
  • ENGLISH, English Sequence, See ENGL/HSS note below *

Sophomore Year, Fall Semester (total credits 19)

  • CONM 2000, Construction Surveying 4 credits
  • CONM 2100, Statics and Strength of Materials 4 credits
  • CONM 2200, Estimating 4 credits
  • MGMT 2700, Financial Accounting 3 credits
  • HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *

Sophomore Year, Spring Semester (total credits 15)

  • CONM 2500, Building Systems 4 credits
  • CONM 2600, Wood and Steel Analysis & Design 3 credits
  • MATH 2100, Statistics and Applications 4 credits
  • HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *

Sophomore Year, Summer Semester

  • COOP3000, Pre-Cooperative Work Term (Optional)

Junior Year, Fall Semester (total credits 16)

  • CONM 3000, Materials Testing and Quality Control 4 credits
  • CONM 3100, Construction Project Management 4 credits
  • CONM 3201, Construction Project Scheduling 4 credits
  • MGMT 3000, Managing & Leading Organizations 4 credits

Junior Year, Spring Semester

  • COOP 3500, Co-op Work Term I

Junior Year, Summer Semester

HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *

Senior Year, Fall Semester

  • COOP 4500, Co-op Work Term II

Senior Year, Spring Semester (total credits 18)

  • CONM 4000, Construction Project Control 3 credits
  • CONM 4100, Construction Business and Finance 4 credits
  • CONM 4200, Construction Safety and Risk Management 3 credits
  • MGMT 4100, Power and Leadership 4 credits
  • HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *

Senior Year, Summer Semester (total credits 14)

  • CONM 5500, BSCM Senior Project 4 credits
  • CONM 4600, Construction Law and Government Regulations 3 credits
  • MGMT 3600, Labor Relations 3 credits
  • HSS ELECTIVE, See ENGL/HSS note below *


Day program students are required to complete at least: 

  • One course in Humanities 
  • One course in the Social Sciences 
  • The remaining courses may be from either Humanities or Social Sciences category

Students with a three English course sequence may use the third English course to satisfy a Humanities requirement.  For more information about the English, Humanities, and Social Science requirements please refer to the Graduation Requirements – Undergraduate section of this catalog.

Of the five listed humanities and social science electives, BSCM students must include the following HSS Directed Electives:

  • Principles of Economics, ECON4102
  • Industrial Organizational Psychology, PYSC4552


The minor in construction management provides students with a greater knowledge of the discipline that compliments their major courses.

To earn the minor, the student must complete the following five courses in this order:

  • CONM1200, Building Construction
  • CONM1500, Construction Graphics
  • CONM2200, Estimating
  • CONM3200, Construction Project Scheduling
  • CONM3100, Construction Project Management

Total credits for Minor: 19