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2016-2017 Academic Catalog: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

Interior Design (BINT)
Leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree

Program Description

This is a four-year program, starting in the fall semester of the student’s first year and planned to end in the summer semester of the student’s fourth year. Each graduate will complete eight academic semesters plus two semesters of full-time cooperative work experience. The first co-op work semester is scheduled in the junior year, and the second in the senior year. An optional co-op experience is offered in the summer between the sophomore and junior year. Select foundation courses in the first semester are shared with the Industrial Design program. A portfolio is not required for admission.

The program is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). Graduates of the program may seek employment as interior design professionals in interior design and architectural firms, corporations, institutions, and government offices, or as sales professionals for interior design product manufacturers. Some graduates have pursued advanced degrees in interior design, architecture, fine arts, facilities management, and business administration. After 1760 hours of qualified professional experience - a portion of which may be completed as a student via co-op), graduates may sit for the NCIDQ examination for professional certification.

Degree Details

 Total credits for degree: 134

Design Studio Grade Requirement

The following grade requirement must be achieved to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design. This requirement applies to: Interior Studio I (INTD1000), Interior Studio II (INTD1500), Interior Studio III (INTD2000), Interior Studio IV (INTD2500), Interior Studio V (INTD3000) and Interior Studio VI (INTD3500), Interior Studio VII (INTD4000), and Senior Project: Design (INTD5500).

The final grade must be a C or better if the final grade in the previous design studio is less than a C. Students who receive a grade below a C for two consecutive semesters are not permitted to continue in the studio sequence until they successfully repeat the second studio for which they received a substandard grade.

Interior Design (BINT)

Freshman Year, Fall Semester (total credits 17)

  • DSGN1000, Drawing 1/Visualization 1 (3 credits)
  • DSGN1100, Design Magic (2 credits)
  • DSGN1200, Color & Composition (4 credits)
  • INTD1000, Interior Design Studio I (4 credits)
  • ENGLISH, English Sequence, See ENGL/HSS note below *

Freshman Year, Spring Semester (total credits 18)

  • INTD1500, Interior Design Studio II (4 credits)
  • INTD1600, History of ID I (3 credits)
  • INTD1750, Drawing II (3 credits)
  • MATH1020, Plane and Solid Geometry (4 credits)
  • ENGLISH, English Sequence, See ENGL/HSS note below *

Sophomore Year, Fall Semester (total credits 19)

  • INTD2000, Interior Design Studio III (4 credits)
  • INTD2100, Materials (3 credits)
  • INTD2250, Drawing III (4 credits)
  • PHYS1010, Conceptual Physics (4 credits)
  • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below and above *

Sophomore Year, Spring Semester (total credits 18)

  • INTD2500, Interior Design Studio IV (4 credits)
  • INTD2600, History of ID II (3 credits)
  • INTD2700, Building Systems I (3 credits)
  • INTD2800, Presentation Techniques (4 credits)
  • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below and above*

Sophomore Year, Summer Semester

  • COOP3000, Pre-Cooperative Work Term (Optional)

Junior Year, Fall Semester (total credits 17)

  • INTD3000, Interior Design Studio V (6 credits)
  • INTD3100, Construction Documents (4 credits)
  • INTD3300, Behavioral Aspects of Design (3 credits)
  • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below *

Junior Year, Spring Semester

  • COOP3500, Co-op Work Term I

Junior Year, Summer Semester (total credits 16)

  • INTD3600, Lighting (3 credits)
  • INTD3500, Interior Design Studio VI (6 credits)
  • ELECTIVE, Design (3 credits)
  • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below *

Senior Year, Fall Semester

  • COOP4500, Co-op Work Term II

Senior Year, Spring Semester (total credits 16)

  • INTD4000, Interior Design Studio VII (6 credits)
  • INTD4100, Building Regulations (3 credits)
  • INTD5000, Senior Project: Research (3 credits)
  • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below *

Senior Year, Summer Semester (total credits 13)

  • INTD4600, Professional Practice (3 credits)
  • INTD5500, Senior Project: Design (6 credits)
  • HSS ELECTIVE,  See ENGL/HSS note below *

ENGL/HSS Note:  

Day program students are required to complete at least:  

  • One course in Humanities  
  • One course in the Social Sciences  
  • The remaining courses may be from either Humanities or Social Sciences category 

Students with a three English course sequence may use the third English course to satisfy a Humanities requirement. For more information about the English, Humanities, and Social Science requirements please refer to the Graduation Requirements – Undergraduate section of this catalog.

Of the six listed humanities and social science electives, BINT students must include the following HSS Directed Electives:

  • An Art History Elective
  • PSYC/SOCL Elective