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2014 - 2015 Academic Catalog: College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management

Charles Hotchkiss, Interim Dean

Annex North Room 105
Phone: 617-989-4470

College Vision and Mission Statement

The College of Architecture, Design, and Construction Management at Wentworth is deeply rooted in the tradition of design, construction, and technological innovation. These core values are woven throughout each of the departments within the College. The degree programs seek to educate well-grounded professionals, equipping graduates with the skills and insights to make positive contributions to our built environment. The programs place particular emphasis on the tangible, material nature of making, and the technologies that inform it.2014-2015 Academic Catalog: Industrial Design Department


College of Architecture, Design and Construction Management 2014 - 2015 Course Catalog, Wentworth Institute of Technology

Wentworth, in Boston, MA, offers career-focused undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering, computer science, architecture,design and management.