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2013-2014 Academic Catalog: Withdrawal From Wentworth

Students who wish to withdraw from Wentworth are required to file a Voluntary Withdrawal Form in the Student Service Center. A grade of W will be assigned to all courses attempted in the effective semester as long as the form is filed by the deadline published in the Academic Calendar. If a Voluntary Withdrawal Form is filed after the published deadline, final grades will be recorded instead of W grades and the date of withdrawal noted on the transcript will reflect the end date of that semester.


Students who wish to withdraw from Wentworth based on medical circumstances may do so following the same procedure in the Voluntary Withdrawal section noted above. If the withdrawal is filed after the 4th full week of classes, students are required to submit documentation from the primary care or attending physician in order for any special consideration of course grades and/or cancellation of tuition charges to be given. The Registrar and the Director of the Counseling Center will render a decision in such cases and notify the student, Financial Aid, Office of the Provost, the appropriate academic department chair, and the Director of Residential Life (if applicable) of this decision. All supporting medical documentation will be kept on file in the Health Center.


A mandated medical leave may be required when a student’s conduct in private or public involves the following:

  • physical or mental harm to self or others
  • serious risk of physical or mental harm to self or others
  • a medical condition that threatens public health
  • any other behavior or condition which raises concerns about the ability of the student to satisfy and comply with academic requirements, the student code of conduct, and Institute policies, rules and regulations, with or without a reasonable accommodation.

The Institute may require a student to be evaluated by a medical professional of its choice in order to assess the potential risks involved. The Institute may also request the student to release the medical diagnosis and records of the student’s medical professional to a designated professional working with the Dean of Students Office. If a student refuses to be evaluated by the Institute’s medical professional and/or release the diagnosis or records of his/her treating physician, the Institute will make its decision based upon the information it has at the time. In certain emergency cases, the Institute may make its decision about the mandated medical leave on a temporary basis without reviewing medical records or opinions.

Whenever reasonably possible, a meeting between the student and a member and/or designee(s) of the Dean of Students Office will be held prior to the decision on the mandated medical leave.

Mandated medical leaves become effective immediately and the student will be required to leave campus immediately.

In order to return to the Institute, the student is required to meet with the Director of the Counseling Center and/or Health Services for an assessment which will be shared with members of the Dean of Students Office. The student must also meet with a member of the Dean of Students Office. The student may also be required to permit his/her treating health care provider to consult with the members of the Dean of Students Office, Director of the Counseling Center, and/or the Health Center, regarding the student’s condition, prognosis, and ability to successfully live on campus and/or complete his/her academic coursework with or without a reasonable accommodation. The student may present documentation in writing from a treating medical professional that the medical condition no longer precludes safe attendance at the Institute, the successful completion of academic coursework, and the ability to live independently on campus. While a student is on mandated medical leave, he/she will not be eligible to participate in housing selection, campus activities, or gain entry into the residence halls.

A mandated medical leave will last at least one semester and usually one full year. It is the student’s responsibility to seek readmission at the conclusion of the mandated leave period or in cases where the leave period is one year, the student may seek readmission at the conclusion of one semester if his/her condition has changed in such a way as to establish reasonable grounds for review of the leave period. There are no returns at mid-semester.


In the case of students who are dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons, the Registrar will process the withdrawal.