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2012-2013 Academic Catalog: The Wentworth Model: Day Programs

Wentworth‘s curricular model has been structured to:

  • allow students to directly enter a baccalaureate degree program from high school and
  • allow transfer from another institution of higher learning with the possibility of receiving advanced standing credit

At the end of their sophomore year, day baccalaureate students have the opportunity to participate in Wentworth’s optional pre-cooperative work semester prior to entering their junior year. The cooperative education model, in which students complete two co-op work semesters along with their academic degree requirements, is both a Wentworth tradition and a graduation requirement.

In order to fulfill its mission, Wentworth has established the following Student Learning Goals expected of every graduate. These Learning Goals are reinforced in the classroom, laboratory and studio, and in cooperative education experiences and co-curricular opportunities. To this end we expect that all graduates of Wentworth be able to:

  • locate information and evaluate it critically for its appropriateness and validity
  • communicate effectively in written, spoken and visual formats
  • acquire and use analytical tools and skills for evaluating information and solving problems
  • identify the traits of good leadership
  • acquire and use the skills needed for effective teamwork
  • recognize and apply concepts of ethical behavior to personal and public issues
  • explain the sustainable use of human, physical, and economic resources
  • recognize and identify historical and contemporary societal and global issues

To insure that the student learning goals are being achieved the Institute has developed a curricular structure which incorporates a core of general studies. In accordance with Wentworth’s academic mission baccalaureate students in day programs are required to take, at minimum, one course in basic mathematics, one laboratory science, three communication courses (English I, English II, and advanced writing), five courses in the areas of humanities and social sciences, an introduction to major/ profession seminar, and a capstone requirement. The capstone requirement; Independent Study, Directed Studies, Design, Project Course, for graduating seniors and fifth-year students provides an opportunity to demonstrate competency in innovative problem-solving situations and proficiency in analytical writing and presentation skills. Team and/or interdisciplinary projects, with clearly defined individual responsibilities, are encouraged.

Within this framework the day baccalaureate curricular structure for four and five year programs mandates that courses will not exceed five per semester and will be at least fourteen (14) credits, but no more than nineteen (19) credits per semester. Academic credit will be based on the current academic semesters (14 weeks of classes and one week of exams) with one (1) hour of lecture or recitation equal to one (1) credit and two (2) hours of laboratory or studio work equal to one (1) credit.

2012-2013 Programs of Instruction

Applied Mathematics B.S. BSAM
Architecture B.S. BSA
Architecture M. Arch. MARC
Biomedical Engineering B.S. BBME
Business Management B.S. BSM
Civil Engineering B.S. BSCE
Civil Engineering Technology B.S. BCET
Computer Engineering B.S. BCOE
Computer Engineering Technology B.S. BCOT
Computer Networking B.S. BSCN
Computer Science B.S. BCOS
Construction Management B.S. BSCM
Construction Management B.S. MSCM
Electrical Engineering B.S. BSEE
Electromechanical Engineering B.S. BELM
Electronic Engineering Technology B.S. BEET
Engineering Technology B.S. BEN
Facility Planning M.S. MSFM
Facility Planning & Management B.S. BFPM
Industrial Design B.S. BIND
Interdisciplinary Engineering B.S. BSEN
Interior Design B.S. BINT
Mechanical Engineering B.S. BSME
Mechanical Engineering Technology B.S. BMET
Technical Communications P. Cert. PCC


  • B.S. = Bachelor of Science
  • M. Arch. = Master of Architecture
  • M.S. = Master of Science
  • P. Cert. = Professional Certificate

The Wentworth Model: Day Programs 2012-2013 Course Catalog, Wentworth Institute of Technology

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