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2012-2013 Academic Catalog: Grading


Grade Point Average (GPA)

The semester credit hours earned in each course are multiplied by the weight of the grade received. The sum of these products divided by the total semester hours taken by the student during a semester is the grade point average (GPA). Courses in which advanced standing credit is given for work taken in other institutions of higher education, or in which grades of IC, W, WA, S, U, or V are received, are omitted in determining the grade point average (GPA).

The GPA includes all courses taken at the Institute and Colleges of the Fenway courses. If a Wentworth degree or certificate has been earned, the grade point average posted for that degree will be factored into the new undergraduate curriculum’s grade point average.

Exclusion of courses from the GPA may occur with one, or any combination, of the following actions:

  • the student is readmitted to the Institute
  • the student repeats a grade of C-, D+, D, or F
  • the student changes his or her program and the course is not applied to the new curriculum’s GPA, as determined by the appropriate academic department chair

Although a student is considered in good standing with 64 credits and a 1.85 grade point average in the sophomore year, a GPA of 2.0 is required to receive an associate degree.

Grading Scale

The symbols used in the grading system are defined as follows:

Grade Definition Weight Numerical Definition
A Student learning and accomplishment far exceeds published objectives for the course/test/assignment and student work is distinguished consistently by its high level of competency and/or innovation. 4.00 96-100
A- 3.67 92-95
B+ Student learning and accomplishment goes beyond what is expected in the published objectives for the course/test/assignment and student work is frequently characterized by its special depth of understanding, development, and/or innovative experimentation. 3.33 88-91
B 3.00 84-87
B- Students learning and accomplishment meets all published objectives for the course/test/assignment and the student work demonstrates the expected level of understanding, and application of concepts introduced. 2.67 80-83
C+ 2.33 76-79
C 2.00 72-75
C- Student learning and accomplishment based on the published objectives for the course/test/assignment were met with minimum passing achievement. 1.67 68-71
D+ 1.33 64-67
D 1.00 60-63
F Student learning and accomplishment based on the published objectives for the course/test/assignment were not sufficiently addressed nor met. 0.00 Less than 60
S Satisfactory 0.00  
U Unsatisfactory 0.00  
V Waived 0.00  
W Withdrew (Student drops course) 0.00  
WA Withdrawn/Administrative (instructor withdraws student for non-attendance) 0.00  
IC Incomplete (Temporary) 0.00  
NR Grade Not Reported by Instructor 0.00  

Wentworth does not accept “P” (pass) grades.

Course Audit

There is no audit option for Wentworth courses. Audits taken at other academic institutions will not appear on a student’s record.

Incomplete Grades

A temporary grade of IC may be issued only if a student has completed the majority of the work in a course and has a medical or personal emergency that would prevent him or her from completing the work by the time grades are due. It is not used to allow students who mismanage their time to turn in work late. Students seeking an IC grade must make arrangements with the course instructor prior to the final examination period.

Although a student may have missed a final examination or be deficient in other required work, an appropriate final letter grade will be assigned in the absence of an approved petition. Any student missing a final exam should immediately contact his or her instructor.

Unresolved IC grades received in the fall semester will automatically be changed to F at the midterm grade deadline the following spring. Unresolved IC grades received in the spring and/or summer semester will automatically be changed to F at the midterm grade deadline the following fall.

If a course in which a student receives an IC grade is a prerequisite for a subsequent, pre-registered course, the IC must be made up and a passing grade received before the end of the drop/add period in the semester the student takes the subsequent course.

Midterm and Final Grades

Midterm grades are posted at the mid-point of each semester on Leopardweb. Midterm grades are temporary and indicate a student’s progress in a course. Midterm grades do not appear on the official transcript.

Final grades are posted on Leopardweb at the close of each semester. Final grades are permanent and appear on the official transcript. Specific dates for the posting of mid-term and final grades are published in the academic calendar.

Retention of Graded Student Work

All work submitted for grading is the property of Wentworth Institute of Technology and may be retained at the discretion of the Institute.

Special Grading Policies

Several degree programs have special grading policies that impact continued progress in the program or graduation from the program. Architecture, industrial design and interior design have a grading policy regarding studio courses, while electrical engineering, electromechanical engineering, and mechanical engineering all require a minimum GPA for their technical courses in addition to the Institute minimum GPA required for graduation. All special policies are detailed with the degree program information in this catalog.