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Wentworth is about learning. Learning in the classroom and outside of the classroom is how you spend most of your time while you are in college. In the classroom, you will be graded on how well you absorb, synthesize, apply and utilize the knowledge that is necessary for your profession. Learning for Wentworth students isn’t just about getting a good grade though, you learn so that you can design safer, more elegant buildings, so that you build safer bridges and develop new products. You learn so that you can apply what you learn to your profession, your life. Grades in college are a measure of how much you have learned, but not that you are done learning.

This page contains resources to help you succeed in the classroom at Wentworth. There are links outside resources and a growing number of links to internal Wentworth based assistance.

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Writing Tutorial

For additional videos, please visit the Writing Tutorial Site!

Writing Infographics

Helpful infographics for writing and citing!

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