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Student Support Services

Academic and personal success is contingent on a number of factors, including supporting students outside the classroom. Pursing excellence means helping students recognize and take advantage of the variety of opportunities available to them both on and off campus. Every student is provided with an academic advisor to help guide their path through Wentworth. Many students also take advantage of study abroad options to further their education. In addition, sometimes students need extra support who are on academic probation to get them back on track.

Academic Advising

Every student has an academic advisor.  You should be in touch with your academic advisor at least once a semester to talk about your academic progress.  As with most things in college, it is your responsibility to get in touch with your advisor.  An overview of the Academic Advising processes is in the Academic Catalog and you should be familiar with your responsibilities as a student at Wentworth. Your advisor is an excellent resource if you are thinking about your future career plans, your co-op semester, your academic progress, if you are considering dropping a class and to talk with about anything that may impact your time at Wentworth.

You can find your academic advisor through Lconnect.

Studying Abroad

The decision to study abroad should be made in consultation with your academic advisor.

Academic Probation

Academic probation means that the student is no longer considered in good academic standing.  This happens when a student fails to make adequate progress towards their degree. Academic probation for a second consecutive semester will lead to academic dismissal.

Assistance for student's on academic probation is provided through the Provost's office. Close consultation with your academic advisor is also suggested while you are probation. The Probation Checklist is also a vital tool when you are on probation.