Advising: Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my advisor?

  • You can find your advisor on LeopardWeb. Login and then navigate to Student Information. Your primary advisor should be listed. If not listed, please email

Where can I find my advisor? How do I contact them?

  • Your advisor should reach out to you explaining the best ways to be in contact with them. However, if you cannot find that email you can use the Wentworth directory to find their office location and contact information.

When should I talk with my advisor?

  • The most common time to meet with your advisor is within the two week prior to registration each term. However, you can request to meet regarding course material or career planning at any time.

What is a degree audit? How do I read it?

  • Your degree audit is a computer generated matching of the courses you take and your degree requirements. It is good practice to check this after registration to monitor your progress towards your degree. Click here for a walk-through. 

When is registration? Add/Drop? Last Day to Withdraw with a W?

What electives should I take?

  • This depends on the elective type and your major. A good definition of each type of elective can be found here. This is a great question to ask your advisor in order to align your electives and career plans! Look for an email from your department about 2 weeks prior to registration which should include elective options specific to your major. 

Can I change advisors? How?

  • It is possible to change advisors. This is at the discretion of the Major Department Chair for Major Advisors or the Associate Dean of Academic Advising and Student Success for First Year Advisors. Contact them to discuss.

How do I withdraw from a class? 

  • Prior to the Add/Drop date, students can drop a course in Leopardweb and do not need to complete a Course Withdrawal Form. You may not withdraw from a course after the deadline to do so, you must complete a separate form for each course from which they wish to withdraw. You must obtain the signature of the course instructor first, then their Primary Advisor. International Students must also obtain the signature of the Director of International Student Services. Before withdrawing from a course, you should discuss their progress and the potential impact on their graduation date with both the instructor and their Primary Advisor. Please be aware that if withdrawing from a course takes your credit load below 12 credits for the semester, the following could be affected: F-1 Visa Status for international students, Financial Aid, eligibility to participate in athletics, Veteran’s benefits, eligibility for campus housing. You should also be aware that withdrawing from a course could cause delays in their graduate. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your progress, and the likelihood of your passing the class with your instructor before withdrawing. It is usually better to complete a class, even with a low grade, than to withdraw. You should also review your academic plan with your Primary Advisor and/or Student Success Advisor before withdrawing from a course.

Where can I find pre-requisites, co-requisites and restrictions for a course?

  • These are listed on LeopardWeb in the information about the course section. Here is a guide for finding them!

I got an error during registration! What do I do?

  • Here is a list of common errors and how to troubleshoot them. 

I cannot find a schedule that works for me. What do I do? 

  • Have you tried College Schedule Builder? iOS Android Fun Fact: This was built by a Wentworth student! Still cannot find one that works? Contact your advisor. 

How do I know if labs and lectures are connected? 

  • There are 3 types of lab/lecture associations: One to One: These show up in LeopardWeb with alternating labs and lectures, One to Multiple: These can be identified by labs having the same section number but an additional letter, Unlinked: These show up in a typically randomized order. Here is a complete guide with screenshots.

How do I find online courses? 

  • Check out the advanced course section search function in LeopardWeb. Here is a video guide. Note: Any course section number starting with a C is reserved for Continuing Education students only.

What are my options for HSS Electives?

  • Check out the advanced course section search function in LeopardWeb. Here is a video guide. Note: Any course section number starting with a C is reserved for Continuing Education students only. Find the general education requirements in the Academic Catalog for your catalog year (typically your first term at Wentworth).

How do I find my RAC (Registration Access Code)?

  • Your Primary Advisor has access to your RAC. Set up a meeting with them to discuss your plan for the upcoming term. Do this as early as possible! 

What is a Primary Advisor?

  • Primary Advisor is your first resource on academic matters and your official advisor who can sign forms. During your first year at Wentworth your Primary Advisor is your First Year Advisor. After your first year, your Primary Advisor will be a faculty member from your major department. Note: All transfer students are assigned their major department chair as their Primary Advisor.

What is a Student Success Advisor?

  • A Student Success Advisor is a professional advisor trained to assist students and faculty advisors in reaching their full potential. Student Success Advisors can be found in the Center for Academic Excellence in Beatty 402. Here is a list by major!
  • Check the list here!

Who is my Coops & Career advisor? Department Chair? Academic Coordinator? Student Success Advisor?

  • Check the list here!

Can I take courses while on Co-op? 

  • Yes. To do so requires the permission of your Co-op + Career Advisor in addition to your major department chair. This requires a form to be submitted to the Student Service Center. You will have to pay for the course by credit.

What does full time status mean?

  • Full time status for undergraduate students is achieved if a student is registered for a minimum of 12 credits. Going below this threshold can affect housing, financial aid and scholarships. Here is a guide for financial aid eligibility.

What is good academic standing?

  • Year Cumulative Credits Minimum GPA
    Freshman 0-31 1.75
    Sophomore 32-63 2.00
    Junior 64-95 2.00
    Senior 96-139 2.00
    5th Year 140+ 2.00
  • Here is the full policy. The GPA requirements are below.

How do I register for classes?

  • Class registrations are processed online through Leopardweb. 
    1. Log into

    2. Click on “Leopardweb”

    3. Click on “Student”

    4. Click on “Registration”

    5. Select the term for which you are registering and Submit

    6. Click on “Add/Drop Classes”

    7. Select "yes" to accept financial conditions

    8. Enter all the 5-digit CRNs for your courses

    9. Click Submit

  • When you see the notation ***web registered*** at the top of the form that means that you are registered. You will not get a confirmation email.
  • For directions with screens and password reset instructions, see this link: Full Directions

How will I know when to register for classes?

  • You can find out when registration is open by clicking on class registration listed under the advising tab. Each semester an email will go out to all students announcing that registration is open. It is important to check your Wentworth email. The dates are also included in the "Important Dates of the Month" communications from the Registrar.

How can I view my schedule?

  • You can view your schedule in Leopardweb by logging in to, clicking on “Leopardweb” and then clicking on “Student.”  To view a detailed breakdown of the process, click here.

How can I view my transcript?

  • You can view your transcript in Leopardweb by logging in to, clicking on “Leopardweb” and then clicking on “Student.”

How can I receive an official copy of my transcript?

  • Check out the guide here.

What is Blackboard? How do I access it?

  • Blackboard is a Learning Management System (LMS) that is used by Wentworth and other schools in the Colleges of the Fenway consortium. It helps faculty members and students to organize class work, collaborate and communicate with one another.  Faculty members at Wentworth may use it to post lecture information, resources, assignments, and conduct online quizzes and online discussions. There are two ways to access Blackboard. You can gain access through, or by going to

What does GPA stand for and what does it mean?

  • GPA stands for Grade Point Average.  It is a calculation that gives you an average of all of the courses that you have taken. Here is the Wentworth Grading Policy. A helpful Wentworth GPA calculator can be found here. Fun Fact: Also built by a Wentworth student!

What happens if I fail a class?

  • An “F” or failing grade results in “0” credit for that class and it will not count toward the completion of your program. For degree students an “F” will count toward your overall GPA. To correct this you can to repeat the course and receive a passing grade. The new grade will replace the “F” on your transcript and bring up your GPA.

How do I find my schedule?

  • You can view your schedule in Leopardweb by logging in to, clicking on “Leopardweb” and then clicking on “Student” and then "Week at a glance." You will have to select a week after the start of the term.

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